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Andra Taylor


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My work is rooted in passion, aiming to bring about significant positive long-term change. In short, I collaborate with nonprofit leaders, public-purpose organizations, and minority businesses, championing their digital transformation and process automation. My promise is to add value to people through collaboration, innovation and servant leadership. I am currently charting a visionary path at the crossroads of spirituality, humanity, and technology.


Morehouse College

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2025
  • Majors:
    • Religion/Religious Studies

Wilmington University

Associate's degree program
2022 - 2023
  • Majors:
    • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:


    • Dream career goals:

    • Senior Managing Director

      TaylorMade Global
      2016 – Present8 years
    • Regional Property Manager

      Freeport Housing Authority
      2008 – 201810 years


    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other

      TaylorMade GlobalSenior Managing Director
      2016 – Present


    • TaylorMade Global

      2009 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Student Leadership CouncilDirector of Information Technology
      2021 – 2023

    Future Interests





    Academic Liberty & Free Speech Scholarship
    Free speech stands as a foundational pillar in the intellectual and personal development of American college students, acting as a catalyst for diverse perspectives and critical thinking. In my role as a Digital Strategist and AI Researcher, I am deeply committed to advancing this discourse, exploring innovative approaches that not only preserve free speech but also contribute to a more inclusive and intellectually vibrant campus environment. The significance of free speech in college cannot be overstated. It is the crucible in which ideas are tested, challenged, and refined. In the realm of academia, students are exposed to a multitude of perspectives, and the free exchange of ideas allows for a rich tapestry of thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies. This exposure, often challenging one's preconceived notions, is integral to personal growth and the development of a well-rounded worldview. As a Digital Strategist, my work revolves around leveraging technology to enhance communication and engagement. In the digital age, online platforms play a pivotal role in shaping conversations. Preserving free speech in the digital realm is not only a matter of rights but also a strategic imperative. Responsible AI implementation is crucial to maintaining an open dialogue while mitigating the risks associated with harmful content. By developing strategies that prioritize the responsible use of AI, I aim to create online spaces that foster robust conversations and uphold the principles of free speech. Furthermore, my commitment to bridging the racial wealth gap aligns with the ethos of free speech. Addressing systemic inequalities requires honest and open discussions about race, wealth, and privilege. The college campus becomes a microcosm for these conversations, and the protection of free speech ensures that students can engage in meaningful dialogue, challenging societal norms and fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding these critical issues. In this context, free speech serves as a tool for social change and progress. In the multifaceted role of a Thought Leader, my responsibility extends to challenging conventional wisdom and promoting a culture of curiosity. Preserving free speech requires more than just defending the right to speak; it necessitates an active encouragement of students to think critically and question assumptions. By sharing valuable insights, experiences, and alternative perspectives, I aspire to inspire others to explore unconventional ideas, contributing to the creation of a dynamic intellectual environment on campus. Moreover, the essence of free speech lies not only in the right to express oneself but also in the capacity to listen and engage with diverse opinions. It is through this interaction that true intellectual growth occurs. As an advocate for free speech, my role extends beyond my professional pursuits; it becomes a commitment to creating spaces where individuals feel empowered to articulate their thoughts, engage in constructive debates, and embrace the transformative power of ideas. In conclusion, free speech is not merely a legal right but a catalyst for growth, diversity of thought, and critical thinking on college campuses. My endeavors are intricately woven into the fabric of these principles. By fostering open dialogue, leveraging technology responsibly, addressing societal challenges, and actively engaging in thought leadership, I contribute to the preservation of free speech. In doing so, I help create an environment where American college students not only exercise their right to free expression, but also thrive intellectually and personally.
    Hearts on Sleeves, Minds in College Scholarship
    Veganism and the pursuit of bridging the racial wealth gap may seem like disparate social justice movements, but upon closer examination, their intersectionality reveals a nuanced connection that extends beyond dietary choices. My passion for these causes stems from a holistic approach to social change and a commitment to addressing interconnected issues. At first glance, veganism is often associated with ethical treatment of animals and environmental sustainability. However, when viewed through the lens of social justice, it becomes apparent that the impact of dietary choices extends to broader societal structures. One crucial intersection between veganism and bridging the racial wealth gap lies in the accessibility and affordability of healthy food options. In many marginalized communities, there exists what is often referred to as "food deserts" – areas where access to fresh, nutritious food is limited. These communities, predominantly populated by people of color, face systemic barriers that hinder their ability to make healthy dietary choices. The lack of affordable, quality food options contributes to health disparities, further exacerbating existing social and economic inequalities. By advocating for a plant-based lifestyle, I aim to address this intersection between veganism and the racial wealth gap. Plant-based diets, when approached mindfully, can be both nutritious and cost-effective. In promoting the accessibility of plant-based foods, I contribute to breaking down barriers that hinder marginalized communities from making healthier dietary choices. This aligns with my commitment to social justice, as I recognize that health disparities are intertwined with broader issues of racial and economic injustice. Moreover, the vegan movement echoes the call for environmental sustainability, intersecting with the racial wealth gap through economic empowerment. Many marginalized communities bear the brunt of environmental injustices, such as exposure to pollution and the impacts of climate change. By adopting a vegan lifestyle, which inherently reduces one's carbon footprint, we can actively engage in mitigating environmental degradation that disproportionately affects communities of color. On a personal level, this intersection informs my everyday choices, from the groceries I purchase to the restaurants I support. I strive to align my dietary preferences with ethical and sustainable practices, recognizing that these choices ripple through the fabric of social justice. This commitment also extends to supporting local businesses in marginalized communities, contributing to economic empowerment and challenging the systemic barriers that perpetuate the racial wealth gap. In essence, the overlaps between veganism and bridging the racial wealth gap are rooted in a shared commitment to justice, equity, and sustainability. By addressing the accessibility of healthy food options, promoting environmental sustainability, and supporting economic empowerment, I actively engage in both movements. This intersectionality shapes my everyday life, influencing not only my dietary choices but also the businesses I support and the advocacy I undertake. As I navigate the intersection between veganism and the pursuit of social justice, I recognize the potential for transformative change. By fostering awareness of these interconnected issues and promoting inclusivity within the vegan movement, I contribute to a more holistic approach to social justice—one that recognizes the intersections between diverse causes and strives for a more equitable and sustainable world.
    Valiyah Young Scholarship
    Securing the Valiyah Young scholarship is not merely a financial boost for my higher education; it symbolizes a recognition of my unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital strategy, A.I. research, and thought leadership. I stand at the intersection of innovation and servant leadership. My journey is defined by a commitment to collaboration, a thirst for knowledge, and a holistic approach to life guided by my belief in Jesus Christ and a God-ordained purpose. In the pursuit of academic and professional excellence, my goals are ambitious. Beyond contributing significantly to A.I. research, I am passionate about devising innovative strategies that advance society in our technological epoch. I see education as a catalyst for change, and the Valiyah Young scholarship is the key to unlocking the next phase of my journey. This scholarship will be instrumental in realizing my academic aspirations and propelling me toward my professional goals. With the support of the Valiyah Young scholarship, I intend to deepen my knowledge and sharpen my skills in digital strategy and A.I. research. This investment in my education is not just a personal achievement; it is a commitment to making a meaningful impact in my community and beyond. Reflecting on my community contributions, my involvement in the student leadership council is a testament to my dedication to serving others. The impact of this experience on both me and the community has been profound. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, I fostered unity and empowerment within the community, leaving an indelible mark. The Valiyah Young scholarship will empower me to amplify my community contributions and extend my reach. It is not just about pursuing higher education; it is about leveraging education as a tool for positive change. Armed with this scholarship, I am poised to take my commitment to servant leadership and community impact to new heights. My passion for digital strategy and A.I. research is not just a career choice; it is a calling. I see technology as a means to address societal challenges, and this scholarship will enable me to delve deeper into innovative solutions. I aim to demonstrate the transformative power of education and technology. In conclusion, being awarded the Valiyah Young scholarship will not only fulfill my educational aspirations but will also amplify my impact on the community and the fields I am passionate about. This scholarship is not just an investment in my future; it is an endorsement of my commitment to collaboration, innovation, and servant leadership. As I stand on the cusp of this transformative opportunity, I am eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, armed with the Valiyah Young scholarship as a testament to my dedication and potential.
    Grand Oaks Enterprises LLC Scholarship
    My Journey to an HBCU: A Legacy of Resilience and a Future of Impact From the humble streets of my hometown, my journey has been a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, ambition, and a yearning to connect with my heritage. Growing up in a family rich in African American history, I was constantly surrounded by stories of struggle, triumph, and the unwavering pursuit of opportunity. These narratives instilled in me a deep sense of pride in my identity and a burning desire to contribute to the legacy of excellence paved by generations before me. A love of learning has served as the compass guiding my academic journey, alongside a resolute commitment to achieving my goals. I have always possessed an insatiable curiosity about the world and a drive to push myself academically. This dedication has been fueled by the unwavering support of my family and friends, who have sacrificed so much to ensure my access to higher learning. Their unwavering belief in my potential has served as a constant source of motivation, propelling me to strive for excellence in every endeavor. However, my path has not been without its challenges. Witnessing the systemic inequalities that disproportionately impact communities of color ignited a fire within me. I saw the barriers that prevented talented individuals from reaching their full potential, and I knew I wanted to be a part of the solution. Given every opportunity, I volunteered my service to be a part of the solution that fights against this perpetual disparity. This desire to create positive change led me to explore the unique learning environment offered by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Attending a HBCU represents more than just pursuing a degree; it signifies a commitment to joining a vibrant community steeped in history, tradition, and a shared sense of purpose. To me, it means being surrounded by individuals who understand my lived experiences and celebrate my heritage. It means having access to mentors and role models who have navigated similar challenges and emerged victorious. It means being part of a legacy of academic excellence and social activism that has empowered generations of Black leaders to make a difference in the world. My academic path transcends the pursuit of mere knowledge – it is a deliberate journey to become a bridge between the sacred and the secular, the spiritual and the technological, and ultimately, a catalyst for positive change for humanity. Religion has always held a deep resonance within me, serving as a wellspring of inspiration and a guiding light through life's challenges. More than just personal belief, I see it as a powerful force for social transformation, capable of fostering compassion, promoting justice, and unifying diverse communities. Far beyond personal achievement I envision myself not merely as a recipient of knowledge, but as a conduit for its dissemination and a catalyst for positive change. I see myself acting as a bridge, connecting the knowledge and resources I acquire to those who come after me. This involves more than simply sharing information; it means creating opportunities, fostering a nurturing environment where others can thrive and unleash their own potential. This necessitates collaborating with policymakers to advocate for systemic reforms that address issues of poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to resources. It also involves investing in initiatives that promote entrepreneurship, leadership development, and civic engagement within marginalized communities. My journey to an HBCU is not simply about seeking an education; it is about embracing my heritage, fulfilling my potential, and making a lasting impact on the world. It is a commitment to uphold the legacy of those who came before me and pave the way for generations to come. I am confident that, armed with the knowledge and resources provided by an HBCU, I can make a difference in my family, my community, and the world at large.