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Abigail Williams


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Gardner-Webb University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2027
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    • Communication, General


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    Bachelor's degree program

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  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Hunter Dean Temple Art Scholarship
      In my life, art has become a trusted companion that shapes how I interpret the world around me. It allows me to explore possibilities past the ordinary and more deeply display my emotions and thoughts. One of the hurdles I’ve had to overcome was the trauma of cyberbullying. It was so bad the principals of two high schools had to get involved. Thankfully, my family and a small handful of others surrounded me with love. Art was my escape and sometimes the only friend I had. It allowed me to transform my hurt and frustration into artwork. I want to use my talent for more than just personal experience and connections, but also for giving others the visual representation of their own emotions and dreams not yet unraveled. With the help of this scholarship, I can continue my journey of art to inspire and transform the world. Another challenge has been the financial constraints. Although I have graciously received college funds from my great aunt and grandmother, the funding runs out after my sophomore year, which is next year. This scholarship would ease the financial burden on my parents for the rest of my college education at Gardner-Webb University. Since I am majoring in photography and minoring in art, I look forward to learning from experienced professors and professionals to further develop my craft there. Art brings people together. It displays a world of the unique and unimaginable, showing what the world could be, rather than what it is. I want to be a part of expressing that.