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Questions and Answers

Hadley G.
9 days ago
Is on-campus housing required for all freshmen at University of Portland?
University of Portland
Hi Hadley! For first year students, living on campus is required. After your first year you can choose to continue to live on or move off campus. If you live within 30 miles of campus you can apply for an exemption to live at home. Students can live on campus all four years if they would like and we have plenty of off campus options as well. A lot of students first touch point to UP's community is in the dorms and they are truly great to be involved in!
Briza O.
22 days ago
Are taking the ACTs and SATs required to get accepted?
University of Portland
Hello Briza! UP is completely ACT/ SAT test optional for both admissions and scholarship consideration.
Briza O.
22 days ago
Does your university participate in WUE or a similar financial program to reduce out of state tuition?
University of Portland
Hi Briza! University of Portland is not a WUE school. Because we are a private institution, tuition and fees is the same for both in-state and out of state students. In regards to financial aid, the average amount awarded to first-year students is ~$27,000, excluding student loans. Nearly 99% of full-time undergraduates receive some type of aid. If you would like to learn more visit our financial aid website:
Shaleah W.
27 days ago
What are the most popular extracurricular activities that students on your campus engage in?
University of Portland
Hi! We have nearly 100+ on campus clubs for students to be involved in. Whether that be academic, diversity equity and inclusion based, service, faith and spirituality focused, club sports, or "fun" clubs (like the gardening club or board game club), there's lots for students to be involved in. Some popular extracurriculars is our annual concert Rock the Bluff, attending our D1 soccer games, or being involved in clubs of your choice (club soccer and fun clubs are very popular). List of clubs:
Shaleah W.
27 days ago
Are students heavily engaged in the city surrounding campus?
University of Portland
Hi Shaleah! Yes, students love to be immersed and engaged with Portland. Whether that be exploring the city, volunteering in North Portland/ beyond, or trying something new in the PNW, UP students love to be involved in our city. Portland is a great foodie, art, sports, and outdoors city. There is a lot to explore and be involved in here!
Haley T.
3 months ago
What kind of outreach or help does the school provide for Portland's homeless population?
University of Portland
Hi Haley! In partnership with local and global communities, the Moreau Center for Service and Justice engages critical human and environmental concerns through active learning, mutually beneficial service, and experience-based leadership development rooted in Catholic social teaching. Specific to your question about outreach with our houseless neighbors in Portland, the Moreau Center has excursions to Night Strike that students can participate in. Night Strike is a volunteer-led event to help people experiencing homelessness. Each Thursday, volunteers gather under the Burnside Bridge to provide a free dinner for our community's most vulnerable. Volunteers also help out with foot washing, haircuts, shaves, and provide portable showers. Overall, the Moreau Center strives to make UP active members of our community throughout our neighborhood in Portland and beyond. Another form of outreach UP participates in is through the Blanchet House in Portland. Blanchet House is a nonprofit social services organization located in downtown Portland. They provide food, clothing, and housing programs to people in need. In 1952, Blanchet House was founded by a group of University of Portland students as a “house of hospitality” in the model of those established by the Catholic Worker Movement. Many students and staff choose to volunteer here. Please reach out if you have any other questions!


University of Portland is a comprehensive Catholic university grounded in the liberal arts. We are a small school with robust, tight-knit community. We offer 40+ different majors and minors through our College of Arts and Sciences, Pamplin School of Business, School of Education, Shiley School of Engineering, and School of Nursing. UP prepares you for a successful and meaningful career in one of our academic programs. UP graduates are creative, effective leaders and ethical decision makers sought by the nation's top companies and graduate schools. UP is known as one of the top ten universities in the West, ranked second in the 2021 US News and World Report rankings. With a focus on educating hearts and minds, University of Portland helps students to lead both successful personal and professional lives.

Academic details

SAT Score Range
Required with application
ACT Score Range
Required with application
Student Faculty Ratio
12 to 1
Less Selective (75% Acceptance Rate)
School type
4-year institution

Diversity statistics

49% White
20% Asian
15% Hispanic
9% Multiracial
2% Black
1% Native
1% Pacific Islander
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Common Careers

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Software Engineer93k
Software Developer89k
Mechanical Engineer77k
Marketing Manager77k
Project Engineer71k
Financial Analyst66k
Data Analyst61k
Based on 3,283 student responses
60.2kAvg. Early Career Pay
106.3kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
53%in High-Meaning careers
28%in STEM careers

Financial Snapshot

Average Financial Breakdown
Average grant for incoming freshmen
Average Pell Grant
Average Federal Loans

Average Institutional Grant
Average Total Loans
Published tuition and fees (Out of state)
$47,818 / year
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