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SkipSchool Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Nov 14, 2021
Winners Announced
Dec 14, 2021
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Major of interest:
STEAM-related field

Leaders in STEAM are more essential now than ever.

While there are many types of experts across many of the technological fields, we need more incentives for budding STEM professionals to continue research, harness leadership skills, and inspire innovation to propel our country toward our technological, medical, and developmental goals. 

Intertwined with tech are the arts, a way for people to express themselves with or without the spoken word. As a STEM major, students sometimes forget to use their creativity to solve problems. As a researcher, creativity and engaging both hemispheres of the brain is essential to innovation.

Today, tech and the arts are some of the most important pieces to our society – they both provide a rigid structure and a unique identity to who we are as humans and what we would like to become in the future.

To encourage leaders in tech or the arts toward their aspirations, the SkipSchool Scholarship exists and will be awarded to one student pursuing a degree in STEM and/or the arts and would like to continue critically engaging both hemispheres of their brain in their studies.

To apply, in 4 sentences or less, tell us about your favorite artist or scientist.

Selection Criteria:
Essay, STEAM, Ambition, Ingenuity
Published April 27, 2021
Essay Topic

 In 4 sentences or less, tell us about your favorite artist or scientist.

0–150 words

Winning Application

Avery Fuller
Princeton UniversityFairburn, GA
The Father of modern neuroscience, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, was not only the first scientist to suggest that the brain is composed of individual cell structures, but he also had an intense passion for his artistic pursuits. Even though his father encourage him to pursue medicine, Cajal was able to make detailed drawings of brain matter that continue to be valued sources for neurological study. Cajal inspires me in my path towards becoming a neuroscientist because he never had to give up his passion for the arts in order to achieve his success. One might say that winning the Nobel Prize in 1906 for revolutionary research into the nervous system was Cajal's greatest accomplishment, but I believe he would be even more impressed by the fact that the scientific images he illustrated are still held in high regard in the field of modern neuroscience.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Nov 14, 2021. Winners will be announced on Dec 14, 2021.

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