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Nervo "Revolution" Scholarship

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1 winner$3,000
Application Deadline
Sep 1, 2021
Winners Announced
Sep 24, 2021
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Throughout history, courageous women have been catalysts for change, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.

Often facing many forms of repressive societal barriers in their daily lives, all women deserve an equal opportunity to succeed and grow.

To amplify women and all their strength and courage, mulit-talented DJ duo, Nervo, will award their “Revolution” Scholarship to one ambitious and influential young woman who wants to change the world.

Female students in the US at all levels of study are eligible to apply for this scholarship. To apply, please tell us about your greatest ambition and how you hope to bring that vision to reality.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Vision, Impact, Community Engagement
Published March 1, 2021
Essay Topic

What's your biggest artistic ambition? How will this scholarship help you bring that vision to life? Please submit a written response, and if you'd like, submit a link where we can check out one of your original artistic works!

200–750 words

Winning Application

Aminah Darden
Murray State UniversityLEXINGTON, KY
After college I hope to be in the beginnings of my career, or should I say my dreams coming true. I have always been one to handle my business and have a great style while doing so. In other words, I hope to be a powerful female in the fashion industry handing strategic marketing in the fashion industry. I have always been one for dreaming big and playing dress-up at the same time. I know that the same passion that I had as a little girl still lives inside of me. I have what it takes to be the next educated businesswoman in the fashion marketing industry. This is because I believe this is where I belong. As a little girl, I always dreamed of being the head of a table and pointing out on my pie chart why my ideas are the recipe for a change. That is why I chose the Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles major at The University of Kentucky. Five years from now, I see myself being employed at a global company, sitting in a conference room with the head of marketing and sales, and to be marketing for the biggest name brands in the world. I have always had this dream. I have come this far into my life and I have always been sure in my heart that the fashion industry is what I’ve wanted to do. Fashion has always been my outlet to express myself and it's where I come to life. My happiness is in the clothes that I wear. I want to be the networking and connections side of that expression for others. I have what it takes to become the next chief marketing officers at one of the largest high-end name-brand fashion companies in the world. This scholarship will help me become a powerful female in the fashion industry. I have the perseverance to become that, but I am worried about having the financial stability of having what it takes to accomplish these goals. Even Though I do not have the proper funds to help me get where I am going, I won't stop there. I have what it takes to be the next educated businesswoman in the fashion marketing industry. Education is the key needed for my success in the marketing industry. I can connect my passion for education with my passion for the world of business. This financial aid will allow me to have more stability in the university experience by having more flexibility in the ways to work towards my future. I have created a budget that spells out all estimated expenses for obtaining my degree. The budget plan breaks down an estimated total billable cost of $24,606 per academic year, including tuition, housing, and meal plans. The estimated non-billable cost totals $5,358 per academic year including books, travel, and personal supplies. This estimates to equal a cost of $29,964 per academic year. The income I will receive from my family is little to none. I am now on the uprising of becoming an independent young woman who must support herself financially and has an active role in keeping student debt to a minimum and this scholarship will get me closer to my goal.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Sep 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Sep 24, 2021.

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