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Lo Easton's “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship

1 winner$1,200
Application Deadline
Jun 16, 2022
Winners Announced
Jul 31, 2022
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school or undergraduate

Welcome to one of the only scholarships created where wrong answers are encouraged! Who would create an opportunity like this? Meet Lo Easton!

Lo Easton is dedicated to teaching students how to finesse a debt-free degree. After graduating debt-free with the help of scholarships, Lo found that the most difficult part of the journey was gaining the courage needed to send in the first application. This scholarship was created to help ease the fear and frustration students feel around starting their scholarship journey. For Lo Easton's “Wrong Answers Only Scholarship,” the goal is to get it absolutely, horrendously wrong. 

By completing this scholarship, you’ll be successfully familiarizing yourself with a scholarship platform, learning the most common scholarship essay questions, and sending in your first application to start your journey!

Any high school or undergraduate student is eligible to apply. Answer a few questions with only “wrong answers.”

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published February 12, 2022
Essay Topic

To enter the scholarship you must answer each question listed below. Your answer to each individual question should be less than 70 words. Wrong answers are encouraged! 

Questions (answer all):

1. Why do you deserve this scholarship? 

2. What are your academic and/or career goals? 

3. Tell me about a time you’ve overcome an obstacle.

50–210 words

Winning Application

June Griffin
University of California-IrvineSanta Clarita, CA
I deserve this scholarship so that I can invest this money in my start-up business, whose mission is to destroy peers' college careers. Education is clearly a scam to distract us from the fact that the moon is not real, reptiles run every government, and trees are actually portals to our home dimension. This crucial message of TRUTH needs your funding. Help me free us all. My academic and career goals are to further my business, College Corruptors Incorporated: Clearly not a Cult. I was inspired by a fever dream to undermine the concept of education and replace it with liberty and much-needed revolution. Just last year, over 19.4 billion students attended colleges and universities. I will liberate the delusional masses. I do not measure my academic goals in terms of degrees, but rather outdated, biased social media articles. One time, I gathered the courage to present my thesis on the Educational Epidemic in a shady alley to several stray cats and one bystander. As a demonstration, I ran full force at a tree to try to achieve the very specific velocity at which interdimensional travel is possible. I failed and severely injured my left ring toe. Despite this devastating humiliation, I've continued to work on my public speaking skills.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jun 16, 2022. Winners will be announced on Jul 31, 2022.

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