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At Little Bundle, we know that being a new mother isn’t a walk in the park. With a million things on your to-do list, it’s hard to find time for yourself. For the single mothers amongst us, it’s that much harder to make everything work as you get your little one off to the best start possible.

To help open up more scholarship opportunities for single moms, The Little Bundle Supermom Scholarship focuses on supporting single moms, children of single moms, or people whose lives have been impacted in positive ways by single moms. Put simply, the Little Bundle Supermom Scholarship is a student scholarship designed to support single mothers and those who support them and benefit from their love.

Why is this our focus?

The Institute for Women’s Policy reports that more than 11% of undergraduate students in the US are single mothers—that’s more than 2.1 million students. Of those single mothers in university, only 8% will complete their degrees—making them 6 times less likely to graduate than their peers.

Single mothers will also graduate with an average of nearly $30,000 in student debt, almost $5,000 more debt, on average, than their peers. However, single mothers who attain their Bachelor’s degree are 3 times more likely to live above the poverty level. They earn 62% more, translating to nearly $300k in additional income over the course of their career, on average.

Getting a degree is incredibly high-leverage for single mothers—and for those around them. The potential for long-term improvement in quality of life is enormous. At Little Bundle, we believe that’s a cause—and opportunity—worth focusing on.

That’s why we’ve created The Little Bundle Supermom Scholarship. With this program, our mission is to make things a little easier for single mothers and their loved ones.

With this scholarship, we’re awarding $1,000 every six months to a high schooler. Note: If you’re a college (undergraduate or graduate) student interested in this scholarship, view our Little Bundle Supermom Scholarship — College Award.

Scholarship winners will also receive a year of free high-quality, organic baby formula from Little Bundle. Not a mother right now? No problem—we make it easy for you to defer your year of free formula until you're ready, or to donate it to a friend or loved one who is ready now.

Selection Criteria:
Impact, Passion, Drive
Essay Topic

When you're a single mother, you often do things a little differently as you support yourself, your child, and your loved ones. For this scholarship application, we want to hear how you make it work.

If you're a single mother in school, how do you juggle caring for your little one with pursuing a degree and everything else you do? How do you make ends meet financially? Have you thought about dropping out? What keeps you motivated to complete your degree? What do you find most challenging about the experience? What do you find most rewarding about the experience? What are your favorite moments with your little one?

If you're the child or loved one of a single mother, how has this changed your life? What is your relationship to them? How does having a single mother or being close to a single mother affect your day-to-day and the way you think about your future?

We also want to hear about your dreams. Where do you see yourself in the future? What is your dream career? What are you doing right now to get there? How would winning the scholarship help you achieve your goals?

500–1000 words

Winning Application

Joaquin Cruz
Birmingham Community Charter HighLos Angeles, CA
I am the eldest of a single mother. I come from a low-income family, and I will be the first person in my family to attend college. My parents were divorced when I was very young. My mother had to work double shift jobs, leaving us to babysitters, and eventually, I had to care for my younger brother. I didn’t spend much time with my father because he was an alcoholic, and he wouldn’t provide for us. I grew up in an environment where I wasn’t in the right emotional state, and I wasn’t doing well in school because of the difficulties that I faced at home caused by the arguments that my mother and father had about custody child support. I would go to school to try to relieve my hopelessness. The added responsibility of being my brother’s caretaker while my mother worked pushed me to become better with time management in high school. I quickly learned how to compartmentalize my responsibilities. I wake up early to get my brother ready, walk him to school, and then make it to school before my first class starts. I then use the time before my first class to work on homework that I cannot finish the night before because I have to make sure my brother is taken care of first. After school, I have sports, and I start my workouts early and finish earlier than my other teammates to pick up my brother from school. When I get home, I prepare dinner for all of us and do my daily chores. After, I help my brother with homework and tutor him in academic areas that need improvement. It’s not until my brother is done with his tasks that I begin my homework and wait for my mother to get home. COVID-19 impacted my responsibilities at home. Not only did I have to adjust to distance learning, but I also had to mentor my brother through it. I live in an apartment, so I study in my room that I share with my brother while my brother is in the living room for his classes. It’s been a difficult situation because the wifi at home isn’t stable and my brother using the wifi also makes it slower. I consistently cut off and got kicked out of the Zooms. Sometimes while I’m in class, my brother asks me for help in his schoolwork, and I have to take time off my classes and help him since it’s difficult for him to ask for help with online learning. In December, I had to travel out of the country because my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, and no one could care for her. I did my classes out of the country having internet issues. Sometimes I couldn’t join the class because the wifi didn’t work the whole day. I would rely on my peers’ notes to keep up with the class. Despite being out of the country for 2 weeks, I still managed to finish finals and maintain my grades. It’s the challenges of my day-to-day routine that keep me motivated to pursue higher education. I envision a better future for myself and my family. The barriers that have made it difficult for me to focus in school have also prepared me to overcome future challenges. I want to pursue a career in computer engineering. I have taken on challenging coursework in preparation for the next step in my educational journey, and my dream is for that next step to be college. Seeing how my mother came into this country to give us a better future has shown me that I must do my absolute best to help her provide her a house of her own for everything she's done for my brother and me. I spent countless hours in high school doing extracurricular activities, studying, taking all honors and AP classes. I would apply to my dream school in November 2020, and I got into UCLA. I had faith and got into UCLA, and I didn't just do this for myself but also for my mother to show her that all the difficulties weren't for nothing. I am proud to have such a hard-working mother that shows her love for me by actions. I am showing actions and would want to be helped financially in college to provide for her soon. I see myself in the future working in the field of computer engineering and hopefully buying my first home for my mother. I see her happily waking up and having her own garden and have her own family and show my children the importance of family. I believe I deserve this scholarship because I am going to a school where tuition is costly, and I wouldn't want my mother to worry or work even more to help pay for my tuition. I wouldn't want to worry either since this school is challenging, and I won't have much time outside of school to be working a part-time or full-time job. Being able to have a sufficient amount of money to pay for books and tuition would help me succeed in my dream school and get a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering. This means so much to me, and I do not have any thoughts on giving up on school just because I am a low-income student. I am doing my best and spending countless hours studying on top of that, applying for scholarships to help me financially when I begin college. If a person ever wants to grow, it's heavy sacrifice involved and heavy discomfort involved. Seeing the impact my mother had on me has made me achieve something many may doubt, but I believe it is possible with hard work and even difficulties. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
Valeria Araujo
Mills CollegeOakland, CA
I am not a single mother, but I'm the eldest daughter of a single mother. I'm basically mom #2 to my little brother with autism. My mother has raised my brother and I by herself for the past 8 years. This has changed my life drastically because we have struggled financially. For 6 years, the three of us lived in a single room in my aunt's house. I could never stay up and do homework, I had to be mindful that we had to wake up at 5am in order for my mom to get to work on time. She worked so hard to get a place of her own, and now she owns a house, and we all have our own room. She didn't receive help from anyone, besides the small income I brought in from my internship and part-time job. I admire her so much for this, and it has helped me believe that anything is possible. At her job at State Fund she has moved her way up by working since she was 23, now she has a job that requires a bachelor's degree once applying. She worked her way to that position with only a high school diploma. I currently work at YR Media, formerly known as Youth Radio, and I work a part-time job at Gap. All while maintaining my 4.0 gpa my senior year. I get tired sometimes, I work at YR Media 3 times a week after school, and roughly 3 days a week at Gap. I don't like to complain because I know my mom has experienced worse at my age. I've worked at YR Media since I was 15, the start of my sophomore year. I had no interest in journalism at the time, I didn't even know what it was. I simply applied because they offered positions at the age of 15, I was eager to start working. It became something I loved, the best part of my day. I started off as a DJ for the weekly radio shows. Then I decided to start writing pieces for the news stations. It was addicting hearing my words on air, knowing that I was finally being heard. From there they moved me up to YR's newsroom to collaborate with KCBS and KQED, and I was only 16. My mom was ecstatic, and I finally felt like I was doing something right. I moved departments several times at YR, I wanted to gain much experience as possible. I didn't just work as a journalist, I also explored areas such as graphic design for album covers and podcasts. Currently, I code interactive articles for our newsroom. I've featured in a video, and spoke on a Emmy-award winning podcast. I still can't believe the opportunities that have come my way. Working to support my family wasn't something I dreaded when I was also pursuing something I was passionate about. If I didn't live in the conditions I lived in, I wonder if I would have the same work ethic. I also work at Gap because YR Media only pays minimum wage, but if I'm being honest, I would work at YR Media even if I were working for free. My mom doesn't like me working until 11pm, but my motivation is for her to work less. My dream career is to be a journalist at a big time news company. Journalism is very competitive when it comes to pay. It makes me anxious when I begin thinking about my future salary. I need enough to support my mom and brother, and myself. So I've been considering computer science since coding comes to me as second nature. It isn't what I love, or my ideal career, but it pays. Winning this scholarship will take some weight off my shoulders, I don't always want to work 2 jobs. I already have a hard time finding time for my school work now, I can't imagine the challenges I'll face once I start college. I think about giving up all the times, but then I remember my mom never gave up on us.
Tiara Woodruff
Orange High SchoolCleveland Heights, OH
Waking up at 3:30am , anxiety written, and stressed because I am trying to figure out how I am going to stretch the last bit of formula I have till tomorrow when I get paid, while also tending to the needs of my son, is a feeling I never want to feel again. When I think about myself a year ago before I had my son, Aiden; my list priorities, and things I felt were important are so different than what, they are now. At first adjusting to the single mom life, was tough, I've realized that the more organized I am, the easier it is for me and him to succeed. I work full time, and I am continuing my path to get my bachelor degree, while also being the primary provider for my son. As I've been adjusting to our new lifestyle, I have noticed that the more organized I am, the easier it is to take care of both of us in an efficient way. I am a concierge at a hotel, so I don't make a lot. My son is 10 months, so he is still on formula, so that is the largest monthly expense for him currently. I also have a car note, tithes I pay to my church, and a small fee my mother charges for me to stay in her home. During my pregnancy I had a lot of complications, and could not work. My family was so supportive and helpful, and assisted me in providing for Aiden until I could recover and get a job. I am extremely determined to provide no matter what, and I feel as though I have more recently found the routine that works best for us. When I get paid I immediately put aside all my "have to" expenses, AKA car note, church tithes, and "rent" fees. After that I put aside money for formula, and Aiden's college fund. The money I have left over is my spending money, usually used on clothes for Aiden, wipes/diapers, and food for both of us. I usually also have some left over to do fun things like go out to eat, or get him toys/books. This works for us, and I enjoy going shopping with him every two weeks, and it feels good knowing that I'm making it work for us. I did have to drop out of school due to a separate problem, but I decided to go back because although our current set up has been working, I don't want us to just be getting by. I want to have money to have our own place, and not just any place, I want to live somewhere nice, with a great school system, and a safe neighborhood. Although Aiden will always be my baby, I know that one day, he will grow up and be a strong, black man, and I know that, it isn't the easiest role to be in. I want him to have advantages, and I want him to have the best start, all the love, and support, and finances he needs to succeed, in life, and although it will be on him to make good decisions in his life, it is on me to set him up with the resources to get him there. This is what motivates me to finish my degree, because I know that if I have a degree It will increase my marketability in my career, and I will be able to move up and start to have the life that I really want to give my son. He will also see his mom staying motivated and reaching her goals, which will show him that he can do it too. The most challenging part about being a single mom is the emotional part. Sometimes I do feel discouraged, or like I am behind because I see a lot of my friends, and people I was in school with on their path to graduate, and I am now behind. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm failing, but someone told me that just because I had my son young doesn't mean I failed, or that I am behind. It just means that I took a different path, and there's nothing wrong with that. I now try my best to make the best of what I have, and proceed on the path I have been given rather than focusing on what could have happened. My son is the most happy, and energetic little boy, and the best part about being his mom is that I get a front row seat to his development, and growth. I find so much joy in the little things like watching him discover what peas taste like, or how to work a new toy, or hearing his uncontrollable laughter over a new noise. It is the most amazing thing to watch him find so much joy in everything he does. My favorite moments are when we come home on Friday's from a long day of running from store to store, and we just cuddle and watch Disney movies, until he falls asleep, and It just gives me the best feeling to know that he's happy and well taken care of. My goal is to be the manager at a luxury hotel, and to live in a really nice loft style apartment, with my son. I want to be able to pay for private schooling for him, introduce him to different extracurricular activities, and go on family trips. I am currently working in a hotel to gain experience for my career, and saving up to reach my apartment goals. I also would like to have more free time to volunteer, to help victims of sexual assault which is something important to me. If I get this scholarship it would be extremely helpful in paying the tuition, and take some stress off with my tuition payments, which would be an amazing feeling.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jun 30, 2021. Winners will be announced on Jul 31, 2021.

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