Lisa K. Carlson DCPS Scholarship

Funded by
Andrew Baca
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2 winners, $5,000 each
Application Deadline
Jul 1, 2021
Winners Announced
Jul 15, 2021
Education Level
Undergraduate, High School
Eligibility Requirements
Year in HS (if applicable):
Senior (2021)
Grad Status:
Graduate of the Washington DC Public School System
Year in HS (if applicable):
Grad Status:
Senior (2021)
Graduate of the Washington DC Public School System

Lisa K Carlson dedicated her life and career to supporting students and families. As a social worker, elementary school teacher, parent, and friend, she cared for, taught, and loved everyone around her.

To continue Lisa’s legacy, the Lisa K. Carlson DCPS Scholarship will be awarded to two graduates of the DC Public School System in a 2-year, 4-year, or professional certificate program. The first-place winner of the scholarship will receive an $8,000 award. The runner-up will receive a $2,000 award.

While not required, first-generation students, working adults/parents, and/or nontraditional students are preferred. 

To apply, please write a short essay answering the following question: what are your educational goals, and how will they support your future professional goals? 

Diversity and Inclusion
Selection Criteria:
Essay, Selfless, Ambition
Essay Topic

What are your educational goals, and how will they support your future professional goals? 

400–600 words

Winning Applications

Ray Cockrell
University of the District of ColumbiaWashington, DC
I come from a family where neither of my parents graduated high school and as a graduate of dc public schools and as a first generation college student I want to set the for my own kids by making education a priority I would like to pursue a degree In business administration in order to achieve my overall goal of being an entrepreneur running my own restaurant. I feel motivated to further my education I’ve tried the typical nine to five job and I’ve never been able to advance in those roles because I don’t have the education necessary to advance further in my career not only do the goals I have help me further my career but they feed directly Into my overall goal of being an entrepreneur I would like to own my own restaurant and after many years of experience in the field I feel that an Associates in business administration will help my career start to trend in the right direction and bring me closer to my goals As a first generation college student I see the importance educational goals and accomplishing those goals and I also look forward to a future where I am able provide for my family and friends not just financially but by also being able to give opportunities I was not given to them progress further family is a very big deal to me and I feel this scholarship is essential to those goals of being a provider and a business owner I will use my years of experience and skills to open a restaurant in the heart of dc and thrive I have a very good idea of where I would like to be in 10 years and this degree is essential to my success after I complete my associates in business administration I plan to take up a management position in a restaurant to gain experience in running the day to day operations and learn what makes a restaurant successful I will also Pursue a bachelors degree in business administration to continue to learn as much as possible about the business In all I feel this scholarship will help me to achieve my goals and will put me in a position where im able to take care of my family and also teach them how to achieve their goals no matter the situation this scholarship is just the first step to achieving my goals I have grown a lot since my first try in college I am prepared for hard times
Colby Gray
Morgan State UniversityWashington D.C., DC
Ever since I could remember, I was always interested in business. I had many small businesses (mostly for immediate family, but often for guests who came over) such as Foot & Spa, a laundromat where I would wash, dry, fold and iron clothes, snow shoveling for the neighbors, renting books and movies to my siblings, and so many more. I had all of my prices on the door to my room, and printed countless flyers. I remember the immense joy it brought me whenever someone would say they wanted my services, I would immediately start writing a contract for my client and then post their appointment dates on my door. I started my most profitable landscaping business in 2017, where I cleared pathways of overgrowth and debris or hazards such as snow, trimming shrubbery, pulling weeds and other general maintenance. At first, I started out just helping people in my neighborhood, because the majority of my neighbors are senior citizens, so most of them cannot do their own yard work, like they used to. Soon it was suggested that I start my own business and that is where it all started. It was never really about the money, but to successfully create a product or service that someone wanted and to complete the transaction with satisfied customers. I did everything I could to sell my services, because my parents taught me that hard work and drive were the most important qualities in being successful in life. Not only was I able to provide my services, but as time went on I was able to learn valuable business tips. For the laundromat, I was able to capitalize on the fact that my brother did not know how to properly fold and iron his clothes at the time, so I was able to raise my prices to fit the demand. When I often offered seasonal promotions to encourage more sales during holidays, I was able to learn the art of discounting and marketing. I even learned how to write basic contracts and policies before providing the service (learned that one the hard way). The most important thing I learned is to find out what people didn’t know how to do or could not, learn how, then charge them a higher price for not only the service, but the craft. Although I did not realize it at the time, I was gaining valuable business knowledge that would be very helpful in the future. I want to be a business revolutionary not because of money and fame, but more to transform the way we do business in America. America is a capitalist society and essentially that means that we are a money hungry society, which unfortunately leads to people placing finances over happiness, family, even other human lives. This causes business people to adopt a mindset that they must sacrifice quality, customer satisfaction, and or worker happiness in order to make the most money. While this lines up perfectly with the current capitalist ideals, if done improperly it will cause the opposite results: very little profit and worker shortage. I want the world to see just how successful we, as a society, can be when we are not focused solely on profits, but the betterment of our society. I have many business ideas that I cannot wait to introduce to the world, including but not limited to tasty drinks infused with medicine, a cereal fast food franchise, and a flight escort business. I truly believe that my business sense and values will bring a greatness into our society that we have not seen before.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Jul 15, 2021.

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