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LGBTQ+ Wellness in Action Scholarship

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1 winner$500
Application Deadline
May 1, 2024
Winners Announced
May 31, 2024
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student
Citizenship Status:
U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident
Strives to maintain mental and physical health

Pursuing higher education can be demanding, and LGBTQ+ students often face additional challenges relating to their identity and health. Maintaining physical and mental health can be especially important to their personal and academic success. Discrimination and prejudice can create significant stressors that impact their overall well-being. In the face of these challenges, LGBTQ+ students display remarkable resilience and determination to lead healthy lives.

Prioritizing health is an act of self-empowerment that allows LGBTQ+ students to take control of their own well-being in an environment where they may feel marginalized or stigmatized. Many LGBTQ+ individuals become advocates for inclusive healthcare, raising awareness about the unique health needs of their community and working to eliminate disparities in care, which is so needed in today’s society. Those who prioritize wellness can serve as role models for their peers, encouraging others to take control of their health and seek the support they need.

This scholarship aims to support and empower LGBTQ+ students who exemplify the importance of self-care and well-being.

Any LGBTQ+ high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student who is a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident working on their mental and physical health may apply for this scholarship. 

To apply, tell us why your mental and physical health is important to you and what challenges you face when trying to maintain your wellness.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Drive, Impact
Published October 31, 2023
Essay Topic

Why is your mental and physical wellness important to you? What challenges do you experience as a student trying to maintain good mental and physical health?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Brodey Bartlett
Arizona State University OnlineSan Gabriel, CA
My life is like a river rafting trip; some parts are slow and steady, and others are white water rapids at breakneck speeds. As a person with ADHD, OCD, and bipolar disorder, it has always been difficult for me to manage the cycles of mania and depression that are hardwired in my DNA. With the help of my psychiatrist, I have found right mix of medication, but I always need to be aware of the mental cycles occurring inside my brain. In the past I have experienced manic bipolar episodes paired with my ADHD, which has allowed me to prolifically create artworks that show deep vulnerability and madness. When the mania ended and a depressive episode set in, I couldn’t create anything let alone get out of bed. I was worried that taking medication for my mental health conditions would destroy my ability to create; but it has done the opposite. My medication allows me to remove myself from the highs and lows of my disorder and create in a profoundly directed way. My art is no longer madness, it’s thoughtful and curious. I began practicing yoga after my therapist suggested it and it has brought a deeper balance to my life. Practicing yoga has taught me that my mental health is directly influenced by what’s happening in my body. My mental health medication and physical activity have taught me how to take care of myself and live a balanced, healthy life. I practice yoga and meditation daily; this has helped me develop a routine that keeps me mentally and physically healthy. When I roll out my yoga mat, I am honoring my journey by continuing to show up. Wellness isn’t something you achieve in one day; it’s an ongoing journey towards a balanced life. When I’m not feeling my best, I show up for yoga anyway. (I do online yoga). When all I can do is stretch, I show up anyway. Just showing up is half the battle. Developing a meditation practice has taught me how to identify and ignore my intrusive thoughts. I began working out 5 days a week because I needed something to supplement my yoga. I wasn’t expecting to experience such a dramatic change when I began my fitness journey, but working out gives me more control over my mental state. If I can be dedicated to experiencing what’s happening in my body, it’s easier to be dedicated to controlling my mind. Wellness is a lifestyle, not a 9-5 job where you clock in and out. It takes dedication, perseverance, and strength. I am committed to living a balanced life.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is May 1, 2024. Winners will be announced on May 31, 2024.

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