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Lewis Ohana Scholarship

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Michael Lewis
1 winner$2,100
Application Deadline
Jan 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Jan 28, 2023
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school junior or senior
Financial Status:

Today, students from lower-income homes often don’t receive the same educational opportunities as others.

With college costs steadily rising, many students have no choice but to take out student loans to afford college or trade school, which can leave students buried in debt for decades after graduation.

Due to the growing student loan crisis, some students are being discouraged from pursuing their dreams and that they shouldn’t invest in a college education.

This scholarship seeks to support those students with the resources they need to pursue advanced education.

Any low-income high school junior or senior in Arkansas may apply for this scholarship, but students located in Northwest Arkansas or are a part of a JROTC unit are preferred.

To apply, tell us how this scholarship will help you further your educational goals, what adversities you have faced, and where you potentially see yourself in five years. Also, please share if you have a family member who has served in the military.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published October 3, 2022
Essay Topic

How will this scholarship help you further your education? What adversities have you overcome while growing up in a rural area? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Madison Goff
University of Arkansas Community College Rich MountainWaldron, AR
Let me first start by saying thank you for your consideration and for allowing me to apply for this scholarship. My name is Madison, I am looking to attend the University of Arkansas Fort Smith in 2023. A little bit about me, 2021 I was involved in an accident and suffered extensive tissue damage to my left arm that required multiple surgeries, skin grafting and months of physical therapy. Throughout my recovery, I was able to set goals for myself in my recovery, school work, and livestock showing and was able to meet them. I have been able to focus more on the little things in life and have gained a better perspective. Growing up in Rural Arkansas, I have always been involved in youth programs such as 4H and FFA and have been mentoring our junior members, helping them with their projects and feeding plans as well as just being someone to look up to. I love Agriculture, showing cattle, farming, camping, and hunting and hope to make the world a better place by encouraging others to always look on the bright side of things, work hard and never let a disability define them. I plan to enter the Surgical Tech program at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith so that I can help others who have suffered from similar injuries that I have recovered from. Having visible scars often leads to conversations about my accident and the most valuable lesson I can share is to set goals, overcome obstacles, be proud of who you are and never give up on your dreams. Being active in organizations such as 4H and FFA as a youth has given me a love for agriculture that I plan to continue to invest in. In five years I plan to be an active Alumni Member and supporter of youth organizations such as these will keep me grounded and in turn help keep younger generations involved and invested in Agriculture to improve this great state that we live in. Giving back to my community is very important to me as well. When I graduate College I plan to move back to my hometown and continue to farm in my free time and support the people that helped mold me into the person that I am today. One of the ways I will be able to give back and support youth will be to sponsor junior showmen for the Scott County Fair. Sponsoring the shows and donating some of my livestock for low-income families who cannot afford it otherwise are two of the main ways to change a child's 4H or FFA experience and to change their lives as it has changed mine. I would love to be considered for this scholarship and I appreciate your time. Sincerely, Madison Goff


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jan 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on Jan 28, 2023.

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