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Kenneth Malcolm Holloman Jr. Memorial Scholarship

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2 winners, $1,000 each
Application Deadline
Jan 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Feb 1, 2023
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Eligibility Requirements
Desired Education Level:
Trade School

Kenneth Malcolm Holloman Jr. was a beloved friend to all who knew him.  

He was passionate about his family, friends, and carpentry and woodworking. This scholarship seeks to honor his memory by helping aspiring individuals who desire to pursue a trade in carpentry and woodworking. Due to the shortage of qualified, trained individuals, many low-cost or free trade schools are popping up across the nation. The Kenneth Malcolm Holloman Jr. Memorial Scholarship will help encourage students studying woodworking at trade school. 

Students ages 17-28 in trade school or planning to go to trade school for woodworking/carpentry are eligible to apply. Preference is given to high school seniors, high school graduates, or GED recipients, but individuals who did not make it that far will still be considered. While not required, individuals enrolled in an apprenticeship program, state-funded trade school or tech school are encouraged to apply. In your application, write about why you are interested in carpentry/woodworking and what your plans are for your future.

Selection Criteria:
Published June 24, 2022
Essay Topic

Why are you interested in carpentry/woodworking, and what are your future goals and ambitions?

400–600 words

Winning Applications

Tucker Olson
Alexandria Technical & Community CollegeLittle Falls, MN
I wasn't a kid who always knew what he wanted to do. I considered a few different professions through the years, but the more I grew up, I realized how important having a marketable skill set is. Even if my goal wasn't to become a career carpenter, the skills I was gaining through carpentry / construction would eventually come in handy. When I was a Jr. my parents put an addition on our house and I was involved from the studs to finishing trim work. I considered the field of Carpentry, still, I wasn't sure this was what I 'wanted' to do for a living. When I had to make a final decision to attend a 4-year school (that I'd been recruited to play baseball for), or work & attend a trade school, the choice became clear. I was working part-time for a fine furniture manufacturer, part-time for a commercial construction company, and at occasional residential jobs. The only one I no longer work at is the furniture manufacturer. I became comfortable with the plan of having a career in this industry and have already laid the groundwork for a good reputation. I've been offered side jobs in people's homes & with each job I do, I learn more. I chose ATC’s carpentry program so I could learn in two years what would take me 15 just working in the field. I am learning a lot and look forward to discovering what my preferred area or specialty will be. My program of study choice happened over time, not overnight. But, I have the confidence that it has been the right choice. My short-term goals are to stay responsible and keep a healthy balance between my work & education as well as to my family, church, and hobbies. I decided to continue my education next year and will earn my construction & facilities management degree through BSU. Those last 2 yrs will be completely online so I will be able to work while taking classes. I am interested in learning as much as I can so that I can eventually have the experience to become an independent contractor or remain working for the commercial construction company I’m with now. I’ve enjoyed discovering the areas in carpentry I’ve become good at--I've already learned a few areas I'm not as fond of as others. I want to keep learning and succeeding as a student. Long-range goals are to make good money, become creative, innovative, and efficient as a carpenter and make sure to prioritize time for family. Creating a legacy of a good work ethic and communication skills is also in my plans.
Elizabeth Templeman
Newton Senior High SchoolNewton, IA
Woodworking is so relaxing. I don't know if it's the smell of the sawdust or the blaze of the saw blade. Knowing I can go to my garage, turn some music on, and enjoy cutting, sanding, and staining pieces does something to my soul. I don't have much machinery, but I own a mini table saw, compound saw, and a sander. I have made playing card holders for my grandparents. We like to play card and board games like gin, twenty-five hundred, and even rummy royal. It makes me smile knowing that what I make, I can gift as a show of my love. It's easy to see the effort and care put into the piece. I have also made a shaker table and step stool, which I have used to complete many math assignments. The stool works excellent as a chair for the table, and there is a drawer to hold whatever school supplies I need. Woodworking is an excellent skill, and I'm excited to see how I will improve in the coming years! I'm planning to attend Des Moines Area Community College after I graduate. I want to enroll in Building Trade and an Electrical course. In the Building Trade course, I will learn how to layout studs and assemble walls, and there will also be some experience with rafters and drafting. While working on those courses, I would like to work with a Carpenters Union or a local company to get on-the-job training while still getting an education. After I finish school, I want to continue working and try other fields like HVAC and CAD. While doing all this, I will still make time for woodworking to keep my head and stay happy! By the time I retire, I want to build my home and have a woodshop out back where I can spend the rest of my days crafting and having a good time.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jan 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on Feb 1, 2023.

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