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Kamyar Afshar Advancement for Higher Education Scholarship

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1 winner$2,000
Application Deadline
Apr 10, 2023
Winners Announced
May 10, 2023
Education Level
Undergraduate, Graduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
4-year undergraduate student or graduate student
Middle Eastern
US Citizen or Immigrant
Field of Study:
Pharmacy, Medicine, Law

With college becoming increasingly expensive in the U.S., higher education has become inaccessible for many students.

Immigrant students in particular often have limited financial resources that can stand in the way of their dreams. As a result, financial aid is a vital resource that can make higher education more equitable, changing the trajectory of students’ futures.

This scholarship aims to support students who are passionate about making a difference in society through legal or medical careers.

Any Middle Eastern student who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree in pharmacy, medicine or law may apply for this scholarship. Immigrants are encouraged to apply!

To apply, please tell us two ways you intend to help society with your advanced degree?

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published November 5, 2022
Essay Topic

What are two ways you intend to help society with your advanced degree?

400–600 words

Winners and Finalists

Winning Application

jenna karzoun
University at BuffaloBuffalo, NY
Growing up I had the most supportive, amazing family. I was given blessings not many people have received growing up. I was under the impression every family was similar to mine. In high school, I decided to take a law class to see if law is a career I would consider. For as long as I could remember, I wanted to pursue criminal law, once my law class took a trip to the local justice courts, I got the opportunity to see a live trial, where broken homes from all over the city come and fight for the custody of an innocent or abused child. My heart ached for the kids who needed representation in a situation where they do not have a voice, their lawyer was their voice to ensure their happy safe lives. Once completing and furthering my education, I plan on working in family courts as a civil attorney. Working in this field gives me a sense of responsibility for children and giving them a life to, or close to what I grew up with. Working in and practicing law in general, gives me a responsibility to make a change and impact the community around me. As a practicing attorney, I will be the hero of these children seeking sanctuary, which can alter how they perceive the world for the rest of their lives. Kids growing up in poor living environments grow to resent the world around them for not protecting them when they needed it the most. My future career kills two birds with one stone. Not only am I protecting children in unsafe living conditions, but I am, hopefully, taking away responsibility from certain caretakers that never deserved the gift or responsibility of a child. Giving an immature, or abusive caretaker a child is congruent with giving a criminal a gun. It has always been said to never "bring work home", but if my job consists of zero benefits to my community, then it was for nothing, and I stand by that morally at home or in social circles and ethically in my career. I have never been so sure about a degree and career choice in my life, and it shows in my attitude toward my education. I am extremely eager to learn and understand what I will soon be practicing. There is so much grey area in Law that, to understand, must be debated and I love hearing other people's perspectives on certain topics, whether it's final case verdicts or whether or not a case should've gone to trial, or even the charges being given. Thank you for your consideration, I am excited to hear back, and greatly appreciate the time sacrificed.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 10, 2023. Winners will be announced on May 10, 2023.

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