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Joshua Meyer Memorial Scholarship

1 winner$3,000
Application Deadline
Apr 1, 2023
Winners Announced
May 1, 2023
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
Media arts: graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, or 3D art

Joshua Meyer was a kind, hard working, loyal gentle giant who had a passion for branding, graphic design, video editing and motion graphics. 

In college, he studied and received his bachelor's degree in Digital Art and Design from Full Sail University in 2016. During Josh's time as a student he was a lab monitor, helping other students work on class assignments and projects that revolved around design and enjoyed collaboration with his classmates. The Joshua Meyer Memorial Scholarship will honor his memory by helping a student who is looking into a career path in graphic design, video editing, 3D art and motion graphics.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply if they are pursuing a career in media arts, such as degrees in graphic design, video editing, 3D art, or motion graphics. To apply, write about what creativity means to you.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published September 16, 2022
Essay Topic

What does the concept of creativity mean to you?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Phuong Huynh
University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA
Creativity means integrity. It is the ability to hold onto your vision and ideas without wavering in the face of discouragement and criticism. It is the ability to find inspiration from outside sources while remaining true to your own ideas. No matter what, creativity will anchor you to who you are. As an editor, artist and graphic designer, I find that my vision often contrasts with mainstream audiences. While more popular artists choose soft colors and simplistic visuals, I find myself attached to a baroque-inspired style. Curlicues, detailed flowers and dark, bold colors fill my moodboards. I want my work to be a feast for the eyes. As an artist, I create not for an audience, but for myself. This is why creativity means integrity to me. My creativity is my mind, communicated through images. It is one of the few ways I can genuinely express myself. If I betray my creativity by making work that follows a trend that I have no interest in, then my main method of communication has been compromised. The work then becomes warped, turning into a soulless amalgamation. A piece of art should be made with a clear conscience. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of following transient art trends and fads. If you follow trends to remain relevant, then you will be forced to follow trends forever, unable to find a stable vision for yourself. The work will lack meaning and depth, your creative muscles atrophying with this lack of thought. There is no creativity in blindly following the ideas of others. By creating with integrity, you are remaining steadfast in a constantly changing world. You are staying true to yourself and respecting your ability to create. Although it is more difficult to find a community of clients or admirers who appreciate your vision, it is far more rewarding than having a mass audience that will never truly understand your creativity. This genuine understanding between the creator and their small community will further boost their creativity, inspiring them to explore their boundaries while remaining steadfast. It was difficult, growing up in a household that discouraged me from creating. Despite my family's best efforts, my creativity begged to be expressed. It was a constant pounding, demanding to be seen. When my markers, pens and paper were taken away, I resorted to drawing on napkins with pencils. No matter what, I must obey my creativity and its demand to be released. When I evaluate myself during stressful periods, I realize that one of the reasons behind my stress is the fact that I haven't created for a stretch of time, my feelings trapped in my own body. My creativity is a loud beast that cannot be ignored, barging its horned head into every aspect of my life. If I were to try to cut its horns in an attempt to tame it to more "mainstream" and "palatable" tastes, it would no longer be my creativity. Because of how deeply linked I am to my creativity, I could not imagine a life without it. Every corner is filled with inspiration. Every moment is filled with thoughts for new stories and drawings. I think and dream in color, vivid curlicues making their way through my mind. This vision—this creativity—of mine cannot be truncated in the name of fame. I cling to my vision because I dream of the day when I can find a community that genuinely understands my work.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2023.

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