Jean Allison Memorial Scholarship

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Allison Family
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1 winner
Application Deadline
Jun 1, 2021
Winners Announced
Jun 30, 2021
Education Level
High School
Eligibility Requirements
High School:
Graduate or recent student of Muleshoe High School
High School:
Graduate or recent student of Muleshoe High School

Throughout her lifetime, our grandmother Jean Allison was dedicated to education and her treasured town in West Texas. 

As a firm believer in the power of education, she went back to school after having five kids to get her bachelor’s degree, deciding that she wanted to give back to her community by becoming a teacher. She commenced her fifteen year career at Muleshoe High School, teaching American government, American history, world geography and economics. 

She took tremendous pride in seeing her students succeed, pushing them to their fullest potential by modeling optimism and perseverance. Some of her favorite stories were about the debate team she led, where even shy or disenchanted students confronted their fears and obstacles. She believed in offering students many chances to succeed and worked hard to help students see the unique light that shined in each of them.

To continue her loving and determined legacy, the Jean Allison Memorial Scholarship exists and will support one student who has faced tremendous adversity but continues to persevere through it all toward a better future. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a graduate or recent student of Muleshoe High School who is either currently enrolled or planning to pursue a degree at a two or four-year college or a certification from a trade school.

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Ambition, Giving, Perseverance, Impact
Essay Topic
  1. (200 words) What difference will this grant make for you and your community? In your response, please describe the opportunities it will provide that you are not currently able to access and how these can be translated into a positive impact for your community. (Please note that you may define community as broadly or as narrowly as appropriate for your circumstances, from your family to a neighborhood to a city.)
  2. (300-500 words) Tell us about a time when life gave you a second chance, or when you persevered through challenging circumstances. What were the valuable lessons you learned from this experience? How will this experience change the way that you face obstacles in the future?
500–700 words

Winners and Finalists

Winning Application

Kristina Arzola
South Plains CollegeMuleshoe, TX
1. The opportunities that this grant would give me would be unreal. My career goal is to be a successful doctor or possibly a surgeon. Once I obtain this goal, I would be able to bring back all of my experiences and knowledge from my many years in medical school to my little hometown of Muleshoe. It would be such a blessing to do good by my community and to share all my successes and hard work with the support system that helped me reach what I have always wanted. Going to medical school has always been my dream. I believe the medical field needs more people with a big heart that would do anything for their patients, and I think I could be that person for our community. I hope to one day inspire the young people of Muleshoe to chase their dreams, just as I will and the way Ms. Allison had inspired my own mother to become a teacher. The way my mother loves teaching is the way I want to love practicing medicine. As most know, teachers are not the most financially blessed as far as careers go. This money would do wonders for my family and me. 2. My second chance is one that not many people have the opportunity of receiving. Moving from Lubbock to Muleshoe was my second chance. When I was going to school in Lubbock I felt nearly invisible. Frenship was such a large district, it was easy to feel like I did not matter. I felt like I was just this small person in a sea of thousands. I never felt like I was noticed. When my family and I decided to move to Muleshoe, I was absolutely petrified. The idea of starting over had never been appealing to me. However, moving to Muleshoe was easily one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. It was my chance to finally be seen for all that I am. After moving schools, I instantly felt at home. Muleshoe is where I belong, it is where I could finally shine and show everyone how great I can really be. Since being in Muleshoe I have acquired many accomplishments. I am a part of the National Honors Society, ranked third in my class, was voted "Rotary Sweetheart", named honorable mention in Varsity Basketball, scored the highest on the ACT and SAT in my grade, and I was voted cheer captain. The achievements I have reached here at Muleshoe are my proudest moments. If I were at Frenship, I would just be another face and would not matter to many people. However, Muleshoe has given me the opportunity to show the world all that I am capable of. If I had never moved who knows where I would be, in regards to success. The beautiful town of Muleshoe gave me my voice and let me be heard. The lesson I learned that I will always take with me is, never be afraid to start over. I have never been a fan of new beginnings, but this experience has shown me that I should not dread starting over. Instead, use it to my advantage and I will always end up persevering.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jun 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Jun 30, 2021.

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