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GRLSWIRL Scholarship

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Mar 16, 2021
Winners Announced
Apr 1, 2021
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Whether you’ve always dreamt of going to college or it was just an excuse to move out of your parents' house, you most likely are in debt because of it & we can all agree that student loan debt is no bueno!

GRLSWIRL has teamed up with to provide a member of our community with the opportunity to win a minimum of $1,000 to use towards any student loan.

The GRLSWIRL Scholarship will be given to any womxn in our skate community who is in need of support financing their education. 

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Womxn, Purpose, Ambition, Drive, Need
Published February 2, 2021
Essay Topic

Tell us about yourself and your educational journey. Where do you see yourself in your wildest dream and how do you plan to shape the world for the better while making this dream a reality?

250–1000 words

Winning Application

Amareah Bead
Purdue University-Main CampusDavidsonville, MD
“The children of doctors are more likely to become doctors themselves, you know.” This statement often comes up when I discuss my future career. I have not found evidence that this idea is accurate, but that does not matter to me much. My father is a cardiologist; however, I do not want to be a doctor. The occupation seems incredibly stressful, and I already stress myself out enough. I understand why my dad loves it, though. He loves to help people. My family has volunteered for every Martin Luther King Jr. Day that I can remember, and he has always donated as much as he could to charity. He has instilled a love for helping others within me that has motivated my own career choice, though it is not in the medical field. An estimated 63 million people are affected by unsafe drinking water in the United States: almost a fifth of the population. This statistic bothers me beyond explanation. How could the Kardashians exclusively drink Fiji water while millions do not have access to clean water across the country? I do not expect Kim to solve this crisis. However, I would like to have an impact on the issue in any way I can. After taking several environmental science courses and hearing from experts in the field, I feel the solution is sustainable infrastructure. Designing and implementing infrastructure in areas most affected by water pollution can remedy the damage already caused and prevent further environmental degradation. Perfect, problem solved! But who is going to do the designing and implementing? This is the role of civil engineers. Civil engineering is a broad field. It can include engineering bridges, roads, pipes, and much more. This vocation calls me because I am incredibly indecisive. Moreover, civil engineers have a physical representation of the change they are making in the world. They could walk over the bridges they have designed or under the roofs whose construction they oversaw. It is my dream career. As rewarding as it felt to complete a Lego building, I can only imagine what it is like to drive on a road you designed yourself. I have not chosen an easy field to enter. On top of the mathematic capabilities engineers must have to be successful, there are very few female engineers and even fewer female engineers of color. This disparity, however, only motivates me more. I am a firm believer that different perspectives are essential to work in a team setting, as engineers often do. If I can bring my unique perspective as a black woman to a field dominated by white men, I will make an often-silenced voice heard. I am quite a planner. Therefore, I have a clear plan in mind for how to get to the career of my dreams. Georgia Institute of Technology is the #1 school for civil engineering. On top of its beautiful campus, the professors and resources for engineering students are unparalleled. They also offer a dual master’s degree in city planning and civil engineering, an option I have yet to see anywhere else and aligns with my career goals perfectly. I plan to attend a summer program at the university over the summer, where I can visit the campus before submitting my application. Applying out-of-state will undoubtedly be challenging, and the biggest hurdle will be receiving an acceptance letter. Hoping that I do, the next step will be to pay for my education. Here is where this scholarship comes in! Out-of-state tuition is not cheap, but no college tuition is. The GRLSWIRL Scholarship will be an enormous help in finding my dream career, and hopefully, relieve some of the inevitable student debt. Besides building the cities of the future, I would like to fund a scholarship of my own. Education is a powerful tool. It should not be a tool that only wealthy families can access. Providing financial support to the next generation of world-changers will complete my goals. Earning this scholarship will allow me to invest in my education. Moreover, I will have the means to support students in my position with the money they need to follow their dreams.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Mar 16, 2021. Winners will be announced on Apr 1, 2021.

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