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Going Merry "Multiple No-Essay Scholarships in One" Scholarship

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1 winner$1,000
Application Deadline
May 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Sep 1, 2023
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We know applying for scholarships can be a pain, which is why this scholarship is for students who want it to be easier.

By applying to this scholarship, you’ll agree to be registered for Going Merry (another financial aid and scholarships platform) and get automatically applied to other No Essay scholarships that Going Merry sponsors every 1-3 months!

This is one easy application that keeps on giving.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published August 1, 2022


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is May 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on Sep 1, 2023.

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