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Eva Clark Murray Memorial Scholarship

1 winner$500
Application Deadline
Dec 1, 2022
Winners Announced
Dec 31, 2022
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school junior or senior
Field of Study:

This scholarship honors the legacy of Eva Clark Murray by supporting African American women who aspire to become educators.

Eva Clark Murray was a devoted educator who spent 47 years working in the Atlanta Public School System. Eva valued education and instilled her values in her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, leaving behind a long legacy of advocacy for education.

Any African-American female who is currently a Georgia high school junior or senior, and plans to pursue a career in education may apply.

To apply, tell us how the values of family and education have become instilled in you and how you will help your community using those values.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published August 4, 2022
Essay Topic

How have the values of family and education been instilled in you and how do you wish to use those values to help your community in the future?

400–600 words

Winners and Finalists

Winning Application

Raj'a Bue
Albany State UniversityBrunswick, GA
My name is Raj’a Bue. I am a rising senior at Brunswick High School and I will graduate in 2023. I come from the small town of Brunswick, Georgia. My educational aspirations consist of acquiring a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education that would assist me in pursuing a career as a Teacher. Academically, I have been working diligently to prepare myself for my future. I believe teachers are given the opportunity to set the foundations of a prosperous future, not only for individual children but for our society as a whole. Although this is a huge responsibility, I also believe that through the education of children, we are able to deliver children the opportunity find a future which they enjoy, and this is a responsibility which is very much worth working towards. Overcoming the hardships involved in working with young people in such a transitional and dynamic time of their lives will be a challenge, but I believe the reward of seeing children flourish is more than worth the effort and dedication required. From a young age, I have been involved in my younger siblings learning and development. I have also taken several Early Childhood Educational classes. I gained a sense of pride and achievement, as I helped them grow in to strong readers and independent thinkers. Having the patience to explain new words, sentences and concepts with clarity to the younger audience has pushed me forward to discover how children develop their mind. My natural ability to connect with children and love of learning are the qualities I have, which I believe make me ideal to embark on an Educational degree. I am keen to further my understanding and knowledge of child development, care, and education. Children should have somebody that believes and supports them to become the person that they aspire to be. Working with children and assisting them in achieving their goals in life is a huge ambition of mine. I enjoy interacting with children on their own level, gaining insight into their perception of the world. In the future, I aim to work with children. I feel the rewards of a professional career in teaching would satisfy the goals I have hoped to achieve for quite a while. I believe that with my enthusiasm, positive attitudes and strong interest Education will give me a firm foundation on which I can build my career, working with children. I can think of no better or more satisfying path to pursue. Receiving acceptance to college will boost my self-confidence, knowing that I not only completed a very important task, but also took the responsibility of creating a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. I believe in the importance of earning a college degree. Therefore, I plan to work extra hard to obtain a degree in Education.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Dec 1, 2022. Winners will be announced on Dec 31, 2022.

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