Curiosity Chronicle Scholarship

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1 winner$1,000
Application Deadline
Jun 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Jan 31, 2024
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The Curiosity Chronicle is a weekly newsletter that demystifies the world of finance, money, business, and economics. It's perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about these topics, career advice, building habits, productivity hacks/tricks, etc.

We’ve partnered with The Curiosity Chronicle to create this exclusive scholarship. By applying, you’ll automatically be subscribed to The Curiosity Chronicle newsletter, getting the most curiosity-inducing content delivered directly to your inbox.

The scholarship will be awarded to applicants who get the most out of The Curiosity Chronicle. You will be a strong applicant if you:

  • Read The Curiosity Chronicle every week
  • Share The Curiosity Chronicle with your friends
  • Engage with The Curiosity Chronicle’s content
Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published December 22, 2022