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Collision Repair Technology Scholarship

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Derek Bradley
1 winner$600
Application Deadline
Nov 25, 2021
Winners Announced
Dec 25, 2021
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Career Goals:
Interested in a role as a collision repair technician
Planning to enroll in a post-secondary institution's Collision Repair program
Education Level:
Currently in high school or a high school graduate.

Higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for students to afford, leading to a ballooning student debt crisis. 

For students interested in working in collision repair technology, rising tuition at technical schools and high application and registration fees can be a deterrent from pursuing their dreams.

This scholarship seeks to ease some of the financial burden of higher education for students interested in studying at an institute that teaches collision repair. Any high school student or high school graduate interested in becoming a collision repair technician and/or studying at a school with a collision repair program is eligible to apply.

To apply, tell us why you’re interested in collision repair, how you hope to help others, and why you should win this scholarship.

Selection Criteria:
Published September 22, 2021
Essay Topic

Please write an essay that answers all of the following questions: Why are you choosing collision repair as your career? Why do you think you should be awarded this scholarship? How do you intend on helping others that are interested in collision repair, but appear to be lost in their options? If you are awarded this scholarship, what do you promise to try your best to achieve? What college or institute do you plan on attending?

400–600 words

Winners and Finalists

Winning Application

Nikya Fields
Tupelo High SchoolTupelo, MS
Good-morning, I am choosing collusion repair as my career because I have developed a love for the craft over my high school journery. Collision repair is a mixture of automotive, welding, painting and body work. I love collision repair for that very reason because I am not just learning how to do one thing I am learning a variety of trades just by investing in collision repair. I believe I will be awarded this scholarship because I am dedicated in pursuing a higher education and it would definantly be financially beneficial to not just me but my mother as well. My plan is to move to a different state to attend one of the best technical colleges to make sure I am certified in everything that my field requires me to be the best in. I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to becoming a better collision repair technician and I think this schorarship would help me in many ways in the present and in the future. I intend on advertising and making it known that collision repair is for anybody of any age and can be done by any gender. If someone is lost in what they want to do as a career I would definitely introduce them to collision repair as a start to help them figuring their future out. I promise to achieve being one of the most successful FEMALE collision repair body shop owners. Throughout my time doing collision repair I have seen and heard many things of females not being welcome in the field but I want to be here to not only let males know but females as well know that they are capable of anything. My main goal is to open up my own body shop and simply be the best I can be and help others to perfect the craft that we will all have a love for. I would love for one day to maybe start my own scholarship or even program to assist them that want to pursue the career but need guidance or even financial help. Things in this field change daily and I can't wait to see what the collision repair field has in store for me. I am going to attend Universal Technical Institute in Houston,TX. I will be attending there for a year and getting all of my certificates to in collision repair. Thank you for taking out your time and reading my essay. Have a great day!


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Nov 25, 2021. Winners will be announced on Dec 25, 2021.

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