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CHS Scholarship

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2 winners, $900 each
Application Deadline
Mar 14, 2023
Winners Announced
Apr 14, 2023
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school
Chattahoochee High School

Every student deserves the opportunity to attend college– independent of their personal financial health.

The Chattahoochee High School (CHS) Scholarship was created by alumni to help students cover a portion of costs associated with attending college. The intent is to contribute to a better future for the community.

The CHS Scholarship will be awarded to a handful of students who are pursuing a college degree and are intentional about their education. Exact award amounts and number of scholarship recipients will be determined upon the conclusion of fundraising.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a current high school senior at Chattahoochee High School who plans to attend college. To apply, please write a short essay (400 words or less) addressing “What does this scholarship money mean to you?”

Selection Criteria:
Published November 29, 2022
Essay Topic

What would this scholarship money mean to you and why?

100–400 words

Winning Applications

Lilly Larsen
Georgia State UniversityAlpharetta, GA
This scholarship money means being able to pay for half of my first semester of college at GSU. I'm attempting to pursue a career in nursing, and as most know, nursing school is not cheap. My dad is a single parent and my sole provider. We live paycheck to paycheck, and he still can meet my wants after addressing my needs. He has always had high expectations for my studies as he did not graduate High School or attend college. My dad inspires me because he did get his GED and is now after struggling, and with so much effort and hard work, a DevOps virtualization engineer. I aspire to advance in my career to not only make him proud but also to eventually pay him back in the future for his financial and emotional support. Having this scholarship money gives me more reassurance that I will be able to attend college and pay for it. I may have been accepted, but I haven't even been able to begin the process of picking classes, housing, or even saying I’ve committed to being a student at GSU in fear of not being financially sound enough. I work hard in my studies, and I’ve adapted to the new Georgia curriculum after moving here from texas at the beginning of my junior year. I believe I not only have the academics to succeed in my career but my ambitions. I take the CTAE healthcare course at Chattahoochee, and I’m currently studying for my CCMA. I want to be well-prepared and secure for my future. I already applied for HOPE and have been granted some funds from my FAFSA. Although I reach the minimum of what I would most likely need to be admitted into GSU’s nursing school, I would like to be able to have wiggle room in case of any surprise expenses or to prepare for the potential worst-case scenario.
Victoria Choi
Chattahoochee High SchoolAlpharetta, GA
As the youngest daughter of two immigrant parents, I was raised to chase after the “American Dream”. In a world where opportunity relies on initiative and education, my parents worked hard to build a life where my brother and I could attend one of the finest high schools in Georgia. By receiving this scholarship, I would be able to pursue the education my parents could not afford and establish a life of financial stability. My parents’ support and sacrifice mean the world to me. I would like to repay them for their diligent work by lifting the burden of debt and college off their shoulders. Their constant worry and struggle to pay for my brother's education without much aid or scholarships fuels my fire. To continually take advanced courses and succeed at them, to work multiple part-time jobs, and most importantly not bring any more burdens to them is an inspiration for me. Receiving financial aid would allow me to make a difference in not only my private life but also the world around me. As an aspiring software engineer, I want to create programs to help those in need and motivate other women to join the STEM field. I am inspired and hopeful that I can make my mark in this world as I see inspiring women who also came from struggling immigrant families breaking barriers in the STEM field. That is why I have taken the initiative and time to apply for this scholarship. Though my family has always supported me in all of my endeavors, paying for college is something they cannot do. They taught me the importance of putting in the effort and taking initiative despite my lifestyle or background. To make my dreams of ensuring my family a life of stability and peace while repaying their sacrifices a reality, I need to receive aid and scholarships.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Mar 14, 2023. Winners will be announced on Apr 14, 2023.

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