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9 Exclusive Merit-Based Scholarships
$25,500 in total
0 Open
9 Awarded
Anyone with Student Debt
9 Exclusive Grants to Pay Off Student Loans in 2022
$28,500 in total
2 Open
6 Awarded
Top 9 Athletic Scholarships in the US
$83,000 in total
3 Open
6 Awarded
Community Service And Volunteering
11 Exclusive Community Service Scholarships
$28,000 in total
4 Open
9 Awarded
38 Exclusive Easy Scholarships with Upcoming Deadlines
$103,012 in total
24 Open
11 Awarded
First Generation College Student Scholarships to Apply to in 2022
$22,500 in total
0 Open
8 Awarded
Full Tuition
Top 6 Exclusive Full Tuition Scholarships in 2022
$174,444 in total
1 Open
4 Awarded
International Students
Exclusive Scholarships for International Students
$34,550 in total
5 Open
7 Awarded
Exclusive LGBTQ+ Scholarships
$12,000 in total
1 Open
9 Awarded
Mental Health
18 Exclusive Mental Health Scholarships in 2022
$46,262 in total
5 Open
17 Awarded
9 Exclusive Merit-Based Scholarships
$25,500 in total
0 Open
9 Awarded
Military Families
5 Exclusive Military Scholarships
$7,500 in total
1 Open
3 Awarded
10 Exclusive Scholarships for Moms
$9,250 in total
3 Open
6 Awarded
Top Need-Based Scholarships to Apply for in 2022
$37,500 in total
6 Open
9 Awarded
71 Exclusive No-Essay Scholarships
$124,250 in total
26 Open
42 Awarded
Single Moms
10 Exclusive Scholarships for Single Moms
$26,250 in total
1 Open
9 Awarded
Students with Disabilities
Exclusive 2022 Scholarships for Students with Diabetes
$13,000 in total
4 Open
1 Awarded
Study Abroad
Best Study Abroad Scholarships to Apply for in 2022
$13,250 in total
3 Open
2 Awarded
11 Exclusive Community Service Scholarships
$28,000 in total
4 Open
9 Awarded
23 Scholarships Just for Women
$76,000 in total
3 Open
19 Awarded
Women in STEM
23 Great Scholarships for Women in STEM
$75,000 in total
4 Open
18 Awarded

Learn More About Other Types of Scholarships

Every college student is different, coming from a unique background with specific needs. In recognition of the different needs of students, there are scholarships by type which seek to support students from different groups.

In addition to applying for college financial aid from the federal government, students can search for funding through scholarship websites such as Scholarship money from independent providers can be vital for high school students and college attendees with financial need.

In the United States alone, there are 45 million borrowers who took out loans for higher education. These borrowers owe an average of $37,693 each - a total that can prove difficult to pay off. Due to the increasing number of college graduates in the workforce, many borrowers struggle to find high-paying jobs right after graduating. 

With high interest rates and an 11.1% student loan delinquency rate, many prospective students are wary of taking out loans to cover the costs unmet by their financial aid. College scholarship awards are here to help, providing free money to those attending college or planning to attend.

In addition to scholarships for minority studentsLGBTQ+ studentsathletic scholarships, scholarships by major, and location-based scholarships, the categories below contain different types of scholarships to support students with different skills who are involved in different activities.

The more restrictions a scholarship has, the fewer eligible applicants there will be. A smaller applicant pool will increase your chances of winning due to the limited competition. Keep reading to find the right scholarship for you!

Academic achievement scholarships

While most scholarships are open to students regardless of test scores, grade point average, or AP credits, there are merit scholarships to specifically assist top students who demonstrate academic excellence.

Academic scholarships are exclusive opportunities for the brightest students who are looking for financial assistance. Academic merit scholarships require applicants to display academic excellence or an impressive academic record.

Students who excel in academic performance should consider scholarship opportunities with GPA requirements to secure as much financial aid as possible. The following academic scholarship opportunities are great for students who excel in school!

  1. Silverback Scholarship
  2. Kenyada Me'Chon Thomas Legacy Scholarship
  3. Al-Haj Abdallah Rashid Abdallah Scholarship

Need-based scholarships

College can be difficult to afford for any student or family, but those with significant financial need require additional help with their college expenses. A student's financial situation can unlock specific scholarships that most students aren't eligible for, giving them a greater chance of winning. The rising cost of most colleges means that students need additional financial aid to cover the entire cost of their degrees.

In addition to other financial aid, such as scholarships from your college or grants from the federal government, consider applying for additional scholarships such as the following need-based scholarships to support students with limited financial resources.

  1. Nina L. Coleman Memorial Scholarship
  2. My Brother's Keeper Scholarship
  3. Margalie Jean-Baptiste Scholarship
  4. WCEJ Thornton Foundation Low-Income Scholarship

Even more need-based scholarships can be found here!

Scholarships for women

Female students pursuing higher education can benefit from college scholarships with gender requirements. Female students pursuing fields that are male-dominated can find additional scholarships that they qualify for, such as STEM scholarships.

  1. Women's History Scholarship
  2. Lisa Seidman Excellence in Writing Scholarship
  3. Rho Brooks Women in STEM Scholarship
  4. Taking Up Space Scholarship
  5. Paybotic Women in Finance and Technology Scholarship
  6. Surya Education Assistance Scholarship
  7. Feltus Impact Fund Scholarship

You can find more scholarships for women here!

First-generation scholarships

First-generation students are learners whose parents did not go to college. Due to a lack of guidance or mentorship by family members, first-generation students need additional support to attend college. Additionally, many first-generation families have limited financial resources due to parents not having advanced degrees, meaning that many first-generation students are also low-income. These students, known as FLGI, can access specific scholarships to help them through their college education.

  1. Cardel Love Scholarship
  2. Abby's First-Generation College Student Scholarship
  3. Enrique Castillo Educational Scholarship
  4. Leon M. Braswell III Book Scholarship
  5. Dr. Sharyn First-Generation in Business Scholarship

For even more first-generation scholarships, check out this guide!

Disability scholarships

Students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or illnesses are often disadvantaged when pursuing higher education. To make college more accessible, there are many scholarship opportunities for students who have disabilities.

  1. John D. Sherman Scholarship
  2. Beaming Health Autism Post-Secondary Scholarship
  3. Dylan's Journey Memorial Scholarship
  4. Houston Congenital Heart Disease Scholarship

Adult learner scholarships

Adult learners are students over the age of 25. Many adult learners are non-traditional students who have returned to school to finish their degrees or have just started college. Adult learners often aren't prioritized by their universities and need additional support through scholarships to afford their college education.

  1. Cappex Adult Learners Scholarship
  2. Peirce College Adult Learners Scholarship
  3. Bold Lifelong Learners No-Essay Scholarship

Scholarships for parents

Parents and caregivers often struggle to complete their college degrees due to the many responsibilities they have, including academics, parenting, or even work. All parents can find college scholarships, regardless of education level or background.

There are also exclusive scholarships for single parents, including single mothers and fathers, who face the added challenge of raising children by themself. If you're a parent pursuing a college education, consider the scholarships below.

  1. Vicki Sartin's Purpose in Nursing Scholarship
  2. It Takes An Aggie Village Scholarship
  3. REVIVAL Scholarship
  4. Cariloop's Caregiver Scholarship

Scholarships for students from single-parent households

In addition to scholarships for single parents, there are also opportunities for students from single-parent households. Students raised by a single parent may face financial challenges or have less mentorship throughout the college process, making scholarships a vital way to support the children of single parents.

The scholarships below are great opportunities for children from single-parent households.

  1. Heather Benefield Memorial Scholarship
  2. Durham-Dodd Dreams Scholarship
  3. Debra Victoria Scholarship
  4. Janey Mae Memorial Scholarship

Community service scholarships

There are many scholarships available for students involved in extracurricular activities or service work. Students who engage in community service or volunteer work with community organizations are rewarded for their hard work and generosity through many scholarships.

  1. Gladys Ruth Legacy "Service" Memorial Scholarship
  2. Courtney Family Anaheim High School Scholarship
  3. Bold Community Activist Scholarship
  4. Rev. Leroy & Naomi Baker Memorial Scholarship

To find more community service scholarships, check out this guide!

Creative scholarships

While some students excel academically or athletically, others have artistic or creative talents. Creative scholarships, such as those for artists, musicians, or writers, allow students to showcase their talent, passion, and skill. 

If you're pursuing a creative degree or enjoy art as a hobby, consider applying for the creative scholarships below!

  1. Chang Heaton Scholarship for Music Excellence
  2. WCEJ Thornton Foundation Music & Art Scholarship
  3. Moriah Janae Dance Grant
  4. KBK Artworks Scholarship
  5. Lionz Alliance-Florida Fine Arts Scholarship

Mental health scholarships

Students who struggle with mental illness can have a hard time maintaining their grades and completing their degrees. Due to the additional difficulties that students with mental health struggles face, there are many scholarship opportunities to support them. 

If you have experience dealing with mental illness, consider the mental health scholarships below or check out this guide!

  1. Shawn's Mental Health Resources Scholarship
  2. Michael Valdivia Scholarship
  3. Heather Payne Memorial Scholarship
  4. Bold Mental Health Awareness Scholarship
  5. Chantel S. Husted Memorial Scholarship
  6. A Voice for Mental Health and Addiction Awareness Scholarship

International scholarships

While applicants on have to be studying in the United States, there are college scholarships available to support international students who have moved to the US for their education. Some scholarships support all international students while other scholarships may focus on learners from specific countries or cultural backgrounds. You can find more international scholarships here or you can check out the list below to find the right scholarship for you!

  1. Carlynn's No-Essay Coming to America Scholarship
  2. Ilya Flantsbaum Memorial Scholarship
  3. JDT Ventures Scholarship Fund
  4. Crenati Foundation Supporting International Students Scholarship
  5. Expand Your Horizons Scholarship

In addition to international scholarships, you can find study abroad scholarships here!

No-essay scholarships

No-essay scholarships are often competitive due to the easy application process, but they're great options for busy students! No-essay scholarships often require just a few clicks to apply, making them quick and simple scholarships to apply for.

  1. "Be Bold" No-Essay Scholarship
  2. Forget Your Student Debt. No-Essay Grant.
  3. 1000 Bold Points No-Essay Scholarship
  4. #FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship

You can find more no-essay scholarships here and other easy scholarships here!

To have the best chance of winning, students should also consider applying for scholarships that require essays. Most scholarships fall into this category but you can find some of the best essay-based scholarships here!

Merit-based scholarships

There are many merit-based scholarships for students who excel in academic performance or in other areas. These academic scholarships are great options for students who display exceptional test scores or grades. You can find merit scholarships here and you can get started with the list below.

  1. Texas Women Empowerment Scholarship
  2. Taylor Ibarrondo Memorial Scholarship
  3. Treasure for Orphans Scholarship

Scholarships for students with loans

While many scholarships aim to help students avoid taking out loans, there are also scholarships and grants for students and graduates who have debt. You can find scholarships to pay off student loans here or you can get started with the list below!

  1. @ESPDaniella Debt Grant
  2. Nitro Student Loan Forgiveness Grant
  3. Charles Cheesman's Student Debt Reduction Scholarship

Military scholarships

There are many scholarships available that seek to thank students who have served in the military or who are part of a military family. There are military scholarships are available to those who currently serve or who are veterans. You can find military scholarships here or in the list below!

  1. Commander Estabrook Memorial Scholarship
  2. Bryent Smothermom PTSD Awareness Scholarship

Scholarships for moms

Pursuing higher education can be difficult for any student, but moms face the additional struggle of raising children while pursuing an education. To support mothers while they pursue their dreams, there are many scholarships available exclusively for moms, such as the ones below. 

  1. Saroya Byrd Legacy Scholarship
  2. Larry Darnell Green Scholarship
  3. Cappex Adult Learners Scholarship

You can find more scholarships for moms here as well as single mom scholarships here!

In many cases, the children of single mothers are also eligible to apply. Other students can also benefit from scholarships due to their family situations. For example, students who have been adopted can find scholarships here.

Athletic scholarships

There are many athletic scholarships available to students who excel in sports. No matter what sport you play, how long you've been playing, or what level you're at, you can benefit from athletic scholarships, such as the ones below.

  1. Peter T. Buecher Memorial Scholarship
  2. Sportsletter Sports News No-Essay Scholarship
  3. Tom LoCasale Developing Character Through Golf Scholarship

You can find even more athletic scholarships here! In addition to scholarships open to all athletes, there are also scholarships for students involved in particular sports. These opportunities include scholarships for students who play golfsoccer, or track.

LGBTQ+ scholarships

Due to persistent discrimination, many LGBTQ+ individuals experience difficulty when pursuing higher education. A lack of familial or societal support can make it challenging for LGBTQ+ students to achieve their dreams. To help uplift LGBTQ+ students, there are many scholarships available, such as the ones below.

  1. Pool Family LGBT+ Scholarship
  2. M.R. Brooks Scholarship
  3. Pride in Diversity Scholarship

Even more LGBTQ+ scholarships can be found here!

Full-tuition scholarships

All scholarships are valuable but full-tuition scholarships can be the most helpful when paying your college expenses. Full-tuition scholarships are worth tens of thousands of dollars and can cover all or most of your tuition while smaller scholarships often need to be stacked together to cover your costs. The scholarships below are a great place to start and you can find even more full-tuition scholarships here!

  1. Viaje de Esperanza Scholarship
  2. Sloane Stephens Doc & Glo Scholarship
  3. Jay Bowen Scholarship

Scholarship need by type

Students of all backgrounds and identities are in need of scholarship aid. However, many different types of scholarships are designed specifically to uplift and support students with additional needs or barriers.

These types of scholarships include scholarships for racial minorities, scholarships for women, first-generation scholarships, low-income scholarships, LGBTQ+ scholarships, and scholarships for the children of single parents.