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Bold Mentor Scholarship

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Jul 13, 2022
Winners Announced
Aug 13, 2022
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“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” -Steven Spielberg

Acting as a mentor can make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of many other people who are looking for guidance or role models. 

This scholarship seeks to support students who act as mentors and role models to others.

Any student who is a mentor to someone else may apply for this scholarship. To apply, tell us how you hope to positively impact the lives of those you mentor. 

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published April 13, 2022
Essay Topic

What impact do you hope to have through your mentorship of others?

150–300 words

Winning Application

Calia Howse
Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, GA
I have a former student named Miriam. We met in 2017 when I began my first year of teaching at an all girls public charter school. Miriam was my brilliant 7th grade scholar! She didn’t always love my chorus class, but she always made sure she was my top soprano section leader. The true epitome of a scholar. Although my own career has taken a different path out of education and into healthcare (God bless all the teachers), I continued to keep in contact with Miriam throughout the years. She shared with me that she was also interested in a healthcare profession. When she was a junior in high school I made her a list consisting of the top 20 healthcare professions based on her interests. Her mom called me immediately, in tears, thanking me for providing that information to her. Her mom said that since she's been my student, I've been mentoring and caring about her ever since. I told her that I'll always care about Miriam! Even though she’s no longer my student, I feel like her success is a reflection of my influence. We narrowed down the list to her top five schools, then she ultimately decided on her favorite profession: Optometry. Did I go to medical school? No. Is Miriam more than capable of exceeding in a highly qualified medical profession? Absolutely! It is our responsibility to push our children to be better than us! Our future generation of children deserve more than “good enough". I am so excited for Miriam’s story. She proudly accepted a full ride scholarship to Emory University. I hope to mentor and impact many more lives to come!
Nicole Munson
East Carolina UniversityGreenville, NC
I am a mentor to children every day as their dance teacher. Not only do I teach them how to dance, but I am also teaching them confidence, body positivity, and social skills. This will be my 5th year teaching dance and continuing to mentor young boys and girls coming up through the dance world. I believe the biggest impact I have on children in my dance classes is the ability to bring out their self-confidence and body positivity. Too many times there are horror stories of young dancers feeling inadequate among their peers in class. There has always been an expectation for dancers to be thin. I am trying to make sure every student I teach knows they can be any shape or size and still be an incredible dancer. I hope to make sure each one of my students feels comfortable in dance class since they all deserve to be there. I hope to continue having a positive impact for the rest of our current dance season and in the future, with any other students I may teach. Although I am their teacher, I want them to continue to see me as a mentor as well. I believe that showing positivity and confidence in myself will help my students feel it for themselves too. I will continue to preach self-confidence and body positivity in all of my classes in the future in hopes to continue inspiring the next generation of dancers.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 13, 2022. Winners will be announced on Aug 13, 2022.

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