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BIPOC Educators Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Apr 1, 2021
Winners Announced
Apr 23, 2021
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Educators are vital to the success of upcoming generations and the progression of the human race. 

In all sectors, educators are needed to foster an inclusive environment for students both young and old that also manifests a deep love for learning, lasting throughout their lifetime. 

In public school education, the educator workforce is staggeringly homogenous, as 82 percent of teachers in that sector are white, even though the student distribution within public schools nationally is almost an even split between white students and minority students

It’s essential for educators to have backgrounds often left out of the history books to truly unravel the multiple complexities present in all sectors of our world today and to break apart many of the systemic barriers seen in communities of color. 

To support the needs of educators who want to fight for a more equitable tomorrow for their students and the world, the BIPOC Educators Scholarship exists and will support one ambitious education major in their studies to become an educator for the future. All BIPOC students who are pursuing or are interested in pursuing a major in education are eligible.

To apply, please write about the time when you realized education would be the right path for your career and why you are passionate about educating future generations.

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Driven, Selfless, Ambition, Impact
Published January 21, 2021
Essay Topic

Please tell us about a time when you realized education would be the right path for your career.

200–500 words

Winning Application

Uyioghosa Ebomoyi
DePaul UniversityOak Lawn, IL


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Apr 23, 2021.

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