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Bernard W. Creque III Scholarship

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5 winners, $500 each
Application Deadline
Oct 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Nov 1, 2023
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school senior or undergraduate
Is a family member of a fallen soldier

In 2021, Bernard W. Creque III was killed during his service at the United States/Mexico border.

His goal was to one day start his own line of beanies. Although he never saw this dream come true, his family made it happen, creating beanies - the sales of which go toward funding this scholarship in Bernard’s memory. The Bernard W. Creque III Business Scholarship will support students who are family members of fallen soldiers, giving them support as they pursue higher education in some form.

High school seniors and undergraduate students are eligible to apply if they are family members of fallen soldiers. To apply, write about how your experience as a child of a fallen soldier has impacted you and influenced your personal growth.

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Perseverance, Ambition
Published April 21, 2023
Essay Topic

As a family member of a fallen soldier, tell us how that experience has impacted you in ways that have led you to work harder, be stronger, and be more ambitious.

400–600 words

Winning Applications

Liza Burke
Aveda Institute-Des MoinesCresco, IA
Bernard W. Creque Scholarship October 3rd, 2016. The day that forever changed my family. A day no one expected or wanted to occur. The day I opened the front door to two Gunny Sargents standing in front of me. The day I watched my father be told his son died… First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Liza Burke, I am a mature 17-year-old and currently finishing up my senior year of high school. I enjoy meeting strangers, concerts, and talking, and I have a strong mentality. CPL Jarek Burke passed away October 3rd, 2016 at 02:10. Driving home after a long weekend on Interstate I95 northbound, Jarek was hit head-on by a drunk driver. This individual had it out for someone that night with one goal in mind. Suicide. He had hit 3 people before ending his life. Sadly my brother was the one who achieved his goal that night. Jarek Burke is my older brother, the person I have always looked up to. He enjoyed life, whether this was concerts, Wii sports, or skateboarding. Jarek was the most kind-hearted, honest, appreciative human you could have known. But out of everything, Jarek enjoyed the little things, the small moments. With a smile that could brighten anyone's day, we miss him to pieces. Jarek loved and prioritized being an uncle. He wanted nothing more than to see his nephews and nieces succeed. Between surprise home leave blocks or Facetime calls, nothing could break the bond between him and these kiddos. Once Jarek passed away everything changed, he was the glue in the family. I took on the role of loving these kiddos, being an aunt is who I am. I want to watch their small accomplishments, watch them fail and try again, but most of all I want to be their role model. I want these kiddos to know their aunt is there for them, no matter what, where, or when. When I read through the description of this scholarship I feel a purpose. Jarek loved to work out and listen to heavy metal/ screamo music. Although, I do not listen to similar music. I have a gym heart, working out and bettering yourself is important. I have worked late nights and early mornings to prove to my nephews and nieces anything is possible. Money comes and goes, but you can always make more tomorrow. I appreciate you reading my scholarship essay.
DeMarques Dixon
Pittsburgh Institute of AeronauticsNewark, DE
Throughout generations in my family, we’ve always served our country. My great-grandfather served in World War ll, my grandfather served in the Air Force, my cousin served in the Navy, and my uncle served in the Vietnamese War. By genetics, battle blood runs through me and I’ve never been shy to show it. Often I‘ve been told that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I’m very relentless when it comes to things I care about. My uncle died due to injuries in the Vietnamese War which created an empty hole in the security of my family. To see him almost every day fighting for his life after losing his lower body was very sickening for me. I prayed for him every chance I could and always had him on my mind. I believe since this was the first death that I experienced in my life, it impacted me the most. His death showed me how cruel the world can be and how you’re life is pretty much meaningless if you’re not known or written in history books. His death showed me how we have nothing but memories and pictures to hold on to those that pass. His death showed me how hard I have to fight in life to succeed and accomplish the things I desire to do. In early October, I’m going to school to become an Aviation Electrician and Maintenance Technician. After that, I want to spend some time in the Air Force, working on planes and hopefully being assigned new projects. I plan to create and/or find an energy source big enough for planes to make at least an 8-hour to 15-hour trip that is healthier and more efficient than kerosene. I’m very intrigued by the idea of solar planes, a plane strictly used based on the energy of the sun and its heat rays. Another idea, when I have the money for it, would be finding a way where compressed and modified air can become the main source of transportation for aircraft. Since air, is scientifically proven to be a gas compressed of nitrogen and oxygen, there should be a probable chance for it to be used as transportation. If wind turbines are running off of air and electricity, we should be able to implicate that into modern-day transportation theoretically. I know my theories will be tested and probably try to be covered up but I won’t stop until I figure them out.
Charitie Massengale
Bennington High SchoolBryan County, OK
As the child of a fallen soldier, I've been exposed to a level of sacrifice and dedication that few people can truly understand. I have seen firsthand the impact that my mother's sacrifice had on my family, my community, and our country. This experience had a profound impact on my life, shaping my values, my goals, and my ambitions. Losing a family member no matter the circumstance is a difficult experience, but it was up to me as an individual to decide how I wanted to respond to the experience of losing my mother. Being the daughter of a fallen soldier was a difficult experience, but it was also a source of motivation. It inspired me to work toward my goals fiercely, as I came to realize how precious life is and how I should make the most of the time I have. One way that losing my mother has inspired me to work harder, is by giving me a sense of purpose. Months after she passed away I felt that I needed to do something that honored her memory, and that's when I became an ambassador for Mission 22. Accepting that my life would never be the same as the chapters of life and childhood have unfolded without her being there, has also motivated me to work harder to achieve my goals because I would like to think that if she saw me now, she would be proud of the progress I have made. Being the child of a fallen soldier has made me more ambitious in ways like taking advantage of my time, we never know which breath will be our last so it is important to work toward our goals no matter the obstacle that stands in front of us. It has inspired me to set more ambitious goals and work harder to achieve them. Even though she is not here, I still feel as if i have something to prove to her. Losing my mother has not only inspired me to be more ambitious and work harder, but it has also given me a sense of perspective. It has made me realize that the challenges I have, and will face in my own life are not as significant as those that I know she had to face. This has given me the strength and resilience to overcome the challenges I face in my own life. I always find that it is extremely important to remember that my mother's legacy lives on through me. she made the ultimate sacrifice and that is something to be proud of. I hope that I can honor her memory by not only following in her footsteps but leading a life outside of the military that would make her proud.
Kate Breeding
Tri Junior-Senior High SchoolPittsboro, IN
My great-grandmother's brother was killed in France during World War ll at just 19 years old. He was drafted into the war and was abruptly displaced from his family farm in the rural area of southeastern Kentucky. 80 years later, my great-grandmother still gets upset when talking about her brother Leon. Although I never knew him, my great-grandmother described him as "a goofy, cheerful guy that I was proud to have as a brother." Seeing my great-grandmother's emotion and sadness as she recalls him, it has made me put myself in her shoes and think about how my life would be changed if one of my brothers was killed while serving our country. I truly admire Leon. He accepted the role of a soldier and left his home for the first time to serve our country, knowing that he may not return home. Unfortunately, in this case, he did not. I think of how lucky I am to be able to live in a country in which so many brave men and women protect my well-being. I think of how Leon died as a hero and the sacrifice he made for our country. Every time I see a person wearing a military uniform, hat, or any other representation of their service, I make sure to properly thank them for their service and give them the respect that they deserve. Many people don't realize the true bravery and dedication it takes to become a soldier and a member of our military forces. Leon has also taught me that I must live life to the fullest, and take advantage of the opportunities and chances I am given that I would regularly take for granted. I wouldn't be able to go to school if it weren't for our military. I wouldn't be able to go shopping. I wouldn't be able to feel confident in my safety. I thank our service members and keep them a bit closer to my heart to honor my Uncle Leon. Although I never knew him, he holds a special place in my life and heart as someone in my family who gave up his life for our country. And for that, I am especially proud of him and his dedication. Although my great-grandmother gets emotional when talking about him, I try to remind her of his great bravery and excellence in upholding his duty and character of defending our country, and his willingness to put himself in danger to protect us common citizens. To my Uncle Leon, I thank you for your service, bravery, and moral character in upholding your role in serving our country.
Chase Osborne
Clear Creek High SchoolLeague City, TX
Two and half years ago, I went through a traumatic moment with the passing of my brother, Private First-Class Jose Osborne. I knew it would impact my life, except I wasn't sure how. As time passed, I thought about it and immediately knew I wanted to study Engineering. See, to come to that conclusion was because of my brother. We both share a knack for understanding complex issues and how they interact for the greater good. I guess it just came naturally to both of us. In his honor and mine, I will push forward with this mind. When we were growing up, we would always compete against each other. We would play Call of Duty for hours and keep a bracket we drew out on a cardboard box showing who won each match. It never became a bad-blood type of thing between us, but rather a chance to be in each other's company. In hindsight, I know that was the real intention of Jose. Him having me around to show me how to be a better person. It means the world to me now, just like it meant everything to me then. I mean, what younger brother doesn't like to spend time with their older brother? Being an Engineer isn't the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life. I also have other ambitions of playing football and finding a university that will allow me to accomplish that. At this time, I have an offer from McMurry University. Since playing at the next level has been my dream, I will do everything possible to make my brother proud. What ultimately matters to me is family, and losing a family member changed my perspective. As I mature, I know I will have to step up in ways that aren't being asked of me yet. The best way I can help is by getting my degree. A degree is the one thing that will help my family and also aid me in carrying on my brother's legacy. So now you have a greater understanding of who I am and why I wake up every morning with a get-things-done attitude. Where I am heading takes perseverance, a positive attitude, patience, and the ability to strive toward perfection. These are traits that my family has instilled in us and that we will carry on. It also takes help, which I can appreciate. The importance of scholarships, like yours, are vital to people like myself. It is with great appreciation that I could even be chosen as a potential scholarship winner. It would be an even greater honor to follow in the footsteps of someone who gave everything to everyone.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Oct 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on Nov 1, 2023.

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