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Be A Vanessa Scholarship

1 winner$500
Application Deadline
Apr 5, 2024
Winners Announced
May 5, 2024
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school senior
Field of Interest:
Art, music, education, or healthcare

Vanessa was a beloved daughter who tragically passed away in a car accident at the age of ten. 

Vanessa was shy but always smiling and kind. Vanessa was talented in many fields, excelling in art, dance, gymnastics, and cheer. She was a good student who loved her teachers and her school, and she was known about town for always wearing big bows and the color pink. 

This scholarship seeks to honor Vanessa’s life by supporting students in Texas who are pursuing art, music, education, or healthcare. 

Any high school senior in Texas who is pursuing art, music, education (teaching and coaching), or healthcare (doctors and nurses) and has a unique characteristic they’re known or recognized for may apply for this scholarship. 

To apply, tell us how you plan to make a difference in the world through your education and how you or your family have overcome adversity.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published September 18, 2023
Essay Topic

Please tell us how you plan on using your education to make the world a better place. How have you or your family overcome adversity?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Annaka Rejino
Vernon High SchoolVERNON, TX
To illustrate how I have overcome adversity is to imagine a young woman with a softball glove on one hand and Jesus Christ holding on to the other. Life has taught me to be benevolent towards others, as a whole we can overcome any obstacle as long as we rejoice and honor Jesus. Life will consist of challenges and obstacles but we must remain faithful. By allowing faith to be my guide through every obstacle I am equipped with the confidence to build towards my future goals. The ability to play softball and glorify God is probably one of the best strengths I have acquired. I’ve wanted to become a coach ever since I was a little girl, to allow myself to pass this strength to the next generation. My dream is to share the message that as long as you're playing for something bigger than yourself then you will always be a winner. I want to teach them integrity, work ethic and determination to achieve whatever goal you are presented with.Throughout my youth, I have went through various presentations of adversity often leaving me feeling as if I was not capable of achieving what was in mind. God’s word has taught me to have faith even when the path way may seem defeating.Through Gods word, I have reflected on my actions allowing myself to grow and continue to push forward. My faith has taught me how to love others for the greater good because you just never know what they are going through. Pushing through these adverse challenges, I have developed my own personal story. A story that will allow me to uniquely impact the future generation. I have wanted to share what others have shared with me and continue to contribute to the greater good. My desire is to teach people the true meaning of who Jesus really is and that without him we would fail every time. I was able to teach my family that through the hard times we will pray to jesus every time and that’s how we will face adversity and hardship in our lives, because of my faith and hope in Jesus me and my family will knock down battles we don’t talk about it. My faith and determination will never be lost, I will carry it with me daily and influence others to walk with Jesus. In my future, I will encourage others to challenge themselves relying on their faith to carry them through. When presented with obstacles I will make sure that others stay determined to reach their dreams. Sharing this knowledge with the future generation will allow them to focus on the good that arises from every obstacle. Life is difficult but as long as we continue to build on the positive things that arise, we will succeed every time.
Audrey Armstrong
Vernon H SVernon, TX
Brianna Richburg
South Plains CollegeSnyder, TX
Brianna Richburg High School Senior The value of an education has been instilled in me from a young age. I have watched my single mother struggle to make ends meet. She has expressed how she wished she would have finished school so that my brother and I could have had a better life. I plan to achieve what she was not able to by completing the Radiology program with your financial assistance. I would like to become a Radiology Tech to lessen the burden on my mother by providing for myself. My mother is Mexican American with parents who came to the U.S to give her a better opportunity in life. My Abuelo did not attend school nor did my Abuela. My mother did attend college and received her associate's. That’s as far as she got. She met my dad and had me which ended her college career. Fourteen years later she was left as a single mom with two kids and little income to make ends meet. She got a job working at the Health Department helping the public. Her paycheck is small as a vaccination clerk but loves what she does. This has inspired me to become a member of the health care community. I would like to contribute as my mom has all these years. I feel like the radiology program is my calling. This is where I feel my traits can be useful and give back to my community the most. A Snyder Tiger is what I have known to be for most of my life. I have attended this school since the second grade. I have been active with my school and the community out of the classroom. Friday night lights were my life my freshman year as I was a cheerleader. Volleyball games on Tuesdays & Saturdays. Basketball season would start in November. I also volunteered some nights to help with the concession stand as our boys played. During the summer I helped the Lion’s Club with hanging our American flags down College Ave for Fourth of July. People driving down College Ave could see me miles away as I wore my yellow vest. I volunteered to help the Yellow Coats (Chamber of Commerce) adopted a highway as a community service to pick up trash along the road. Awarding me this scholarship will make a great contribution to my goal of becoming a Radiology Tech. Right now I help my mom with my brother by taking him to school and cooking for him. I also work a part-time job to help with my gas. This financial assistance would allow me to move to Levelland, TX to attend the Radiology program and live in the dorms. I would like nothing more than to make my mother proud. I would like you to consider me for this scholarship.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 5, 2024. Winners will be announced on May 5, 2024.

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