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Barbie Dream House Scholarship

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Oct 1, 2023
Winners Announced
Oct 27, 2023
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Hey Barbie! Hey Ken! We’d like to introduce you to the "Barbie Dream House Scholarship"! In honor of the highly anticipated Barbie movie starring your favorite stars, Margot Robbie and Rylan Gosling, we’ve launched this $500 scholarship so YOU could have the chance to create your very own dream house, just like Barbie!

This scholarship aims to celebrate the iconic Barbie brand and support students who share a deep connection to the world of Barbie and want to showcase their unique vision of their very own Barbie Dream House! 

We invite you to unleash your imagination and bring your dream Barbie Dreamhouse to life in 200-600 words. Describe in detail where your dream house would be located, whether it's nestled on a tropical island, perched atop a bustling city skyline, or hidden in a magical forest. Paint a vivid picture of your dream house's exterior, capturing the architecture, colors, and landscaping that make it truly extraordinary.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Dive into the enchanting world of your dream Barbie house and explore its magnificent interior. What unique features would it possess? Would it have a walk-in closet filled with glamorous outfits and accessories? Perhaps a fully equipped kitchen fit for a culinary master? Or maybe a rooftop garden where you can relax and take in breathtaking views? Let your creativity soar as you bring your dream house to life!

Students from all education levels are eligible to apply.

Note: This scholarship is not endorsed by or affiliated with Mattel or any entities associated with the Barbie brand. It is an independent scholarship created by to celebrate the impact of Barbie on the lives of fans.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Drive, Impact
Published July 13, 2023
Essay Topic

It’s time to build your very own Barbie Dream House! Where is it located? What does it look like? What fabulous features does it have on the inside?

200–600 words

Winning Application

Alexis Frye
Bristol-Plymouth Vocational TechnicalFreetown, MA
Imagine waking up every morning perched off of a cliff, with turquoise clear waters clashing against the jagged-amber rock below and ivory yachts sprinkled about the sea. Your peaceful neighbors would be nothing but cacti and fruit trees. A long driveway shaded by strings of ivy leads to a convenient walking path to the nearby sleepy Spanish town and beach. OKAY. It sounds like a billionaire's paradise. But when you're Barbie, your imagination knows no bounds! My life goal? To practically become Barbie. I'll have the sleek, modern house with a pool and enough guest rooms for all the friends I'd like to invite for a weekend getaway. But MOST importantly, I want the job, the salary, the education, the success, and for it to all be MINE and earned from my hard work. Once my fusion breakthrough as a nuclear engineer makes me millions, I'll head to the little island of Mallorca, Spain, and build my very own Mojo Dojo Casa House. Oh... It'll be nothing. Just a minimalistic mega mansion with a stunningly impractical design that only a genius like myself could come up with. Picture this: the exterior will resemble a giant Rubik's Cube, changing colors every hour just to keep the guests on their toes. The front yard will boast a fully functional roller coaster instead of a driveway, ensuring every visitor has an exhilarating arrival experience. And traditional doors? Forget about them! We'll have secret passages disguised as bookshelves, paintings, and even a hidden slide to get from the first to the second floor. Inside, every room will embrace its own absurd theme. A gravity-defying room with ceilings and floors covered in mirrors to confuse anyone who dares to enter. The kitchen will be equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, including a talking fridge that offers sarcastic commentary on your food choices. Bathrooms will have automated toilets with mood sensor technology, so they'll only flush when they feel appreciated. Now, let's not overlook the backyard. An Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with jelly instead of water, providing a deliciously messy and adventurous experience for swimmers. And, to top it all off, a flock of flamingos will roam the grounds, dressed in formal attire, hosting tea parties for anyone who cares to join. Of course, practicality isn't entirely forgotten. My Barbie dream house will house a nuclear fusion reactor deep within the ground, cheaply powering not only my home but also the entire island and the world! And yes, it will effortlessly solve homelessness, hunger, cancer, and restore our natural state of ideal happiness and inclusion. But hey, that's no big deal. Geothermal heating and cooling will be installed, along with an underground hydroponic farm to feed my friends, my army of kittens, and my fellow engineers. So yes, this Barbie is not just a pretty face but also a STEMINIST and a future nuclear engineer—an icon to young minds and an advocate for those with learning disabilities like myself. Oh, did I mention that my degree from MIT will be prestigiously displayed underneath a heroic painting of me riding a stallion into Barbieland? Oops, how could I forget! Feel the Kenergy, my friends!


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Oct 1, 2023. Winners will be announced on Oct 27, 2023.

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