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Mar 1, 2021
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Mar 25, 2021
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Public relations opens doors to innovative thinking and opportunities.

To succeed in the industry, you need to cultivate a deep understanding of people, a strong work ethic, and relationships across a variety of industries.

Public relations and communications are essential for many fields, so there must be incentives for budding PR professionals to strive to be innovative and adaptive problem-solvers.

The Aspiring PR Professionals Scholarship exists to support up-and-coming PR professionals. It will be awarded to a go-getter, a person who actively and tenaciously pursues success.

The scholarship is open to all students who are pursuing a public relations, communications, or related degree and who hope to build a career in the industry.

To apply, you’ll need to tell us about yourself, your interest in public relations, and what you hope to achieve in the industry.

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Public Relations, Innovation, Drive, Ambition
Essay Topic

Tell us a bit about yourself. Why are you passionate about public relations, and what do you hope to accomplish with your public relations or communications degree?

250–1000 words

Winning Application

jenn watson
University of DenverWindermere, FL
When I was little, I dreamed of being a teacher. I thought it was because I wanted to work with kids. When it came time to start thinking about college, I realized teaching was not my passion: communicating is. Through my undergraduate studies, I learned so much about humans and how we speak with one another through words, visuals, and actions. I studied what makes mass communication tick, what constitutes public relations. My favorite thing to study, though, was kinesics: the study of body language as a form of nonverbal communication. This fascinated me. It showed me how incredible human beings are and how we have evolved in the ways we speak to one another. Nonverbal communication is everywhere, even if you do not see it. I find it in advertisements, in the way those in the public eye address their fans and followers. I have seen it in the way various American presidents hold themselves at different times in their tenure. I am fascinated by what body language can give away to an audience. While I was studying for my bachelor's degree, I partnered with faculty and fellow students to develop two new major programs that are still running today. One of these was a public relations major track. I had mentioned to a professor that I had truly wanted to study public relations, but selected communication arts because no schools in my desired location or price offered this major. Together, we created a task force that built the Public Relations and Strategic Communication major. Some courses in included were: mass communication, public speaking, interactive media and marketing electives, and a course on race, class, and gender in modern media. This track allows students to study varying elements of modern communication to help them understand message design and communication theory. Additionally, the New York City location allows students to apply and participate in competitive internships across the city, providing them with invaluable experience - college credit! This program has successfully run for four years and I am immensely proud to have had a hand in its design. In my most recent work, I was a social media-focused customer service associate. I loved that job and thrived as a communicator. Unfortunately, I lost this job due to COVID-19 and subsequently, my funding for school. But I did not let that stop me from continuing my studies to be a master communicator - with a master's degree. I currently study communication management, with a focus in public relations. My goal with this degree is to understand what makes humans tick - what makes us want to communicate with others. I am passionate about how brands communicate with past, present, and future consumers, as well as how to continually innovate on these methods. My graduate studies have allowed me to open my mind and explore what I am capable of as a professional. I have taken hard looks at companies I have worked for and those I follow. What are they doing right? How can they improve? It is my hope the completion of this degree will help me uncover those answers. Becoming a master in public relations was an unattainable dream for so long, but I am working toward reaching it. There is no limit to what I can do and no limit to what I would bring to the table as a professional communicator. My experience in social media is an unbeatable skill for companies in 2020. If I am selected, I will strive to use my degree to create innovative, fun, and powerful messaging for people across the world. Thank you for your time and consideration for this scholarship.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Mar 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Mar 25, 2021.

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