Savings:Found customers $70M+ in savings in the last year.
Relevant for:Everyone
Easy plugin install

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Wikibuy helps you find incredible prices across thousands of stores. It's free, automatic, and helps you get better prices on your online purchases.

Savings:Found customers $70M+ in savings in the last year.
Relevant for:Everyone
Easy plugin install
Why we love it
Wikibuy is amazing. It’s incredibly user-friendly and runs in the background automatically to help you save money on your online purchases. It’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to use it.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

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86 reviews


Sometimes the discounts are $0.01 which isn’t the most helpful, but a few times I've gotten a few dollars off.


Wikibuy brings possible savings on purchases to your attention. I think it's a great application, but I've noticed it doesn't pop up immediately onto my page, especially when shopping on Amazon, like other money-saving applications.


After installing Wikibuy, I have saved a countless amount of money during online shopping.

100% Recommend!

This extension is very helpful! It will save you money and find the best coupon suited for your purchase.

Money Saver

Allows me to get coupons without having to dig myself which is fantastic.

The best!!

Wikibuy helped me save hundreds of dollars when buying school supplies for me and my sisters.


On every website it shows the best deals and saved me a bunch on my textbooks. Thanks, Wikibuy!

Stretches your money, for real

Any student should use this app, especially as a frequent online shopper like I am for my school supplies. I've been stuck at home because of Covid-19 but that doesn't stop my schooling or my need for quality art supplies, so I'm super grateful for apps like this that make shopping easier and more cost-effective. It's also very easy to install


This browser add on helped me save money on food recently, all I had to do was give the add on permission to look for coupons to use, and it automatically applied the ones my order qualified for. Quick and painless.

Save Money Now!!!

Wikibuy is a must-have. It is a plug-in that alerts you when you can save money. This is especially good if you are an online shopper. Who doesn't want to save money?
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