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Wikibuy helps you find incredible prices across thousands of stores. It's free, automatic, and helps you get better prices on your online purchases.

Why we love it
Wikibuy is amazing. It’s incredibly user-friendly and runs in the background automatically to help you save money on your online purchases. It’s completely free, so there’s no reason not to use it.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

34 reviews

Very accurate

Not only it gives you alternative websites but it also gives coupons and promos! I love it!

Life saver!

You don't have to worry about spending so much with so many discounts on hand!

Big money saver!

I've had Wikibuy for a while now, and it's super convenient that I don't have to search the internet for coupon codes myself. Very easy to use and saves so much money!


I installed because of an ad I saw. I forgot all about it until I went to purchase something online. When I went to buy the item, Wikibuy automatically said, "We have codes." Amazing! This app has helped me save about $50 since I've gotten it.


This has saved me a lot of money shopping online. I highly recommend this.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone who shops online!

Really helpful

This has saved me a lot of money, it finds deals on things I wouldn't have thought had deals.

Get it! You won't regret it

In a few weeks, I've already saved over $100 on items and services I'd have never thought to use a code for. I saved $30 on a windshield repair service... I'm using this for every online purchase from hereon out!


A great extension to just have, saves you a ton of money when you're checking out!


It saved me a lot of money when I bulk bought off an online shop, so I recommend using Wikibuy then.

very helpful

Wikibuy has saved me thousands of dollars!!!

Saves time and money

It's not something that I use super frequently, but it saves me time in comparing prices independently and it also saves money by doing so.

Love it

It helps me find the best price always, which is something I think is super important as a colleges student.

Money Saver!

Wikibuy has helped me save tons of money and always helps me chose the right option!


It is so easy to save money using this app! I can get coupon codes and compare the prices of different items.


Wikibuy has saved me TONS of money! It is so helpful in finding the best deals online!

Money Saver!

I'm all about saving money, especially when it comes to college. This allows me to save even more towards my education by finding the best prices possible!

Life Saver!!

This helps you order stuff at a cheaper price.

Always brings a smile to my face!

When I am just cruising through some of my favorite online stores, Wikibuy usually has a discount or cashback to offer me! Seriously makes me smile when I know I can save money because of Wikibuy. It's very user-friendly!

Game changer

I recently downloaded this onto my commuter and it has already made a huge difference. It allows users to compare prices and get the best deals. This will be helping out a lot in the future!

Great Product!!

I think that the product works well, my only problem with it is that it never has discounts on the products I need, but that is not the app's fault. I would recommend this to all my friends who shop online a lot!

simple money saver

If you love Honey, you'll love Wikibuy! It's a great tool for anyone, especially college students, trying to save money in simple ways!


I can save a lot of money on items while scrolling and looking through everything. I will definitely be using this to buy things I need!

Really Great

Wikibuy really helps me out and it's super easy to use. Similar to Honey, It's been incredibly helpful and now I can't live without it!


I love to save money. The first thing I go to when I want to buy my favorite products is Wikibuy because I can find great deals for a low price.

Saves so much money!

This resource has saved me so much money. I use it along with Honey and both of them get me great coupons!

I love Wikibuy!

Wikibuy helps you save money by tracking products, applying coupons. Download this plugin before you buy anything on amazon ever again! Amazon might be ripping you off.

money saver!

Very similar to honey. Definitely recommend to anyone who would like to save money.

Amazing Saver Resource!

Similar to Honey, combing the two provides even more coupons! Thank you so much Wikibuy!


This is almost the same thing as Honey, it finds the best prices for you, using tons of coupons. Really do recommend using an app like this to save money.

Great Product

It helps me all the time. There are days where I simply cannot go without using Wikibuy!

Money Saver!!!

Wikibuy is so easy to use and it saves money for me without me having to constantly hop around different places to find the cheapest deal. I recommend this to anyone who wants to save money and I don't know who wouldn't

Save your money!

If you are looking for the best prices to buy what you need, this is the place for you. I strongly recommend this!


Wikibuy is such a handy tool to use when online shopping. It saves you so much money and is extremely user-friendly. I would recommend this to anyone who frequently shops online and loves getting good deals. Plus, it's 100% free, so why not try it?