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Udonis Haslem Foundation Launches the BDJ40 Scholarship to Support Deserving Students

March 19, 2024

(May 16, 2024) Due to the overwhelming response and the incredible stories shared by applicants, the Udonis Haslem Foundation is excited to announce that the BDJ40 Scholarship has been extended. Instead of one winner receiving $15,000, there will now be two winners, each receiving $15,000. This extension allows the foundation to support two deserving students' educational journeys.

(March 19, 2024) - The Udonis Haslem Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the BDJ40 Scholarship, a new initiative designed to honor the legacy of Udonis Haslem's late parents, Barbara, Debra, and Johnnie, and their unwavering commitment to education and generosity. Named after Udonis Haslem himself, a three-time NBA champion and revered twenty-year veteran of the Miami Heat, the scholarship aims to provide hope and opportunities to high school seniors from Miami-Dade and Broward County facing socio-economic challenges.

With the mission to "give hope to children and families from underserved communities by facilitating exposure to opportunities and access to care and resources," the Udonis Haslem Foundation focuses on three main pillars: Mental Health, UD Kids, and Community Accessibility. 

Udonis has been inspired by his late parents, Barbara, Debra, and Johnnie, for their commitments to education and generosity.

The BDJ40 Scholarship is designed for high school seniors in Miami-Dade or Broward County who have shown exceptional motivation and determination to succeed despite facing socio-economic hardships. To be eligible, applicants must be admitted to college and demonstrate how their experience with mental health has influenced their beliefs, relationships, and career aspirations.

"This scholarship is not just financial assistance; it's a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of resilience," said Udonis Haslem. "It embodies my family's legacy of giving back and supporting education. We are looking for young individuals who, against all odds, strive for excellence and are determined to make their dreams a reality."

Interested students are encouraged to share their stories and how mental health has played a role in shaping their journey. This approach aligns with the foundation's dedication to addressing mental health issues and supporting the well-being of communities.

Applications for the BDJ40 Scholarship are now open visit: to apply. To learn more about the Udonis Haslem Foundation's impactful work, please visit

About the Udonis Haslem Foundation:

The Udonis Haslem Foundation is committed to uplifting children and families in underserved communities by providing access to opportunities, care, and resources. Focused on mental health, community accessibility, and supporting youth, the foundation strives to create a positive impact across its pillars, including initiatives related to criminal justice reform, low-income housing, financial literacy, and supporting minority-owned small businesses. For more information, visit