For DonorsFor Applicants creates an innovative solution to fight the student debt crisis by democratizing philanthropy

Pioneering a new industry, the organization is chipping away at the $1.8 trillion student debt crisis one scholarship at a time.

November 12, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (NOVEMBER 12, 2020) –, the organization committed to eliminating student debt and democratizing philanthropy, bravely embarks on a journey to relieve the country's soaring $1.8 trillion student debt crisis. This crisis impacts more than 44 million Americans and has burdened citizens with an average of $30,000 in student debt. In November 2019, took action and created an innovative and philanthropic solution. Co-founded with Mechanism Ventures, the organization has successfully created a national network of donors and applicants to help fight the student debt crisis.

The philanthropy platform allows any person or company to create customized scholarships, fellowships, and grants in minutes, with 100% of the tax-deductible donation going directly to their selected winners. By bridging donors to applicants, is pioneering a new industry as a customized philanthropy service, open to anyone.

Since its debut, donors have leveraged to create hundreds of brand-new scholarships, ranging from aid for single mothers pursuing degrees to grants for African-American engineers. The platform supports exclusive opportunities for high school, college and graduate students, as well as for any graduates who are still paying off their student loans. With new scholarships created and awarded daily, is seeing tremendous traction with individuals seeking financial aid and donors looking to make an impact.

“People tend to donate more when it is either extremely personal or extremely impactful,” says CEO and Co-founder Dror Liebenthal. “At, we focus on both. Donors love our platform because they are directly funding amazing recipients who are passionate about the same issues.” is built on the philosophy that education should be accessible to everyone, without severe financial burden. To achieve this, the organization has partnered with a diverse range of donors and philanthropists — from professional athletes and actors to musicians and cutting-edge companies. The philanthropy platform continues to attract noteworthy donors and applicants across the country, resulting in new scholarships being published daily. Scholarships have been awarded to recipients from a variety of fields and backgrounds including biomedicine and philosophy award winners, future hospital administrators passionate about fighting inequity in healthcare and talented chess champions.

“In the face of rising student debt, young people today are far less likely to begin small businesses, buy homes, start families or seek high-impact careers,” says Liebenthal. “We believe this is a problem worth solving, and we are excited about the progress we have made so far.”’s platform handles all operational, legal and financial aspects of creating a scholarship, allowing donors to spend their time connecting with finalists and selecting award winners. The organization believes that by building a modern, user-friendly, capital-efficient and personalized philanthropy platform, it can increase the amount that Americans donate, a number that has stalled at 2% of income. The organization's progressive business model provides valuable results for everyone — from donors, to investors, to employees, and above all, to recipients. To join in fighting America’s student debt crisis, donors and applicants can easily sign up and create a profile at


ABOUT BOLD.ORG is an organization committed to eliminating student debt and democratizing philanthropy. Founded in November 2019, bravely embarks on a journey to relieve the country's soaring $1.8 trillion student debt crisis. provides a platform for any person or company to create personalized scholarships, fellowships or grants. Financially backed by Mechanism Ventures, pioneers a new industry by creating an innovative and philanthropic solution to combat the student debt crisis, which has tremendously impacted 44 million Americans to date.