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Our story

Women in Robotics is a global non-profit community supporting women (and non-binary people) working in robotics and those who are interested in working in robotics. We have an online global community and local events in many cities that are centers for robotics. Robotics is a rapidly growing field and we need more women and underrepresented people in the robotics community. Our first scholarship, the Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics, is for undergraduates and incoming freshman, encouraging them to explore robotics courses

Our goal

As 'The World's First Robot Psychiatrist', modeled after Isaac Asimov's Susan Calvin from the iRobot stories, Joanne brought the social side of robots to the forefront, long before robots were at all common. Not only did Joanne love robots in science fiction but she was at the forefront of the community developing social robots in real life. Joanne leaves behind the Museum of Social Robots in Oakland, and a scholarship for undergraduates and incoming freshman, who share her love of science fiction and robots for the good of humanity.

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Elizabeth Swearingin1 month ago

Jo was my roommate at Tufts University and became a lifelong friend. Professionally she was obviously a visionary. Personally, she was the head cheerleader, always focused on finding the good, making laughter and smiles part of the journey. For women in robotics, to keep Jo’s dreams alive….Live your passion, do not be afraid to fail and always know you did your best.

Sandra Copman1 month ago

Joanne was an amazing trailblazer in an area of robotics she uniquely designed and never gave up. Her friendship and determination and love for life filled my heart even though we lived so far apart. Our endless talks over coffee and crazy trips and Joanne’s promotion of my early day career sustain me forever though I miss her tremendously. I hear her laughing and it helps.

Michelle Silverstein Beyman2 months ago

May her contributions to robotics live on!

MK Hicks2 months ago

Accepting the $360 challenge. So honored to join with others to celebrate Joanne Pransky, Joanne as the “World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist”, her commitment to “the first” in all she did, her excellence as a personal and leader of ideas in robotics.

Sherry Barone2 months ago

A donation is being made to honor my longtime friend Joanne as her work continues by providing scholarships to women in robotics with this fund . I welcome others to do the same and match my donation as we continue to grow the fund

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