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William A. Stuart Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Family of William A. Stuart
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    Jonelle Hilleary


Our story

Our brother Bill was the one who never accepted the way things were. His favorite phrase was, "You know what would be great..." and then proceed to tell how something could be made better, prettier, more efficient by doing (insert solution here). Does this sound like you? Hi favorite project was a deck he designed in his head for our mom. She wanted a place to sit and drink coffee in the morning, watching the sun rise. But her porch faced the wrong direction. The "right" direction faced a tree, hung out over a canyon and had an air conditioner on the ground where the deck should be. Bill worked on this design, figuring angles, clearances and incorporating soft curves that were pleasing to the eye. In the end, that deck was a marvel for our mom, and she enjoyed her coffee there every morning until she passed away. And Bill was pleased to have done that for her.

Our goal

Our family is creating the William A. Stuart Memorial Scholarship fund to help 2 high school students who may be interested in pursuing mechanics, engineering, or computer software. Bill was a bright young man who joined the Marine Corps after high School in 1968 and used that disciplined training to pursue an engineering path for his life work. He worked for large companies, small shops, and for himself, never settling into one type, but always following the challenge of electronics, computers, being a self-employed builder of decks along the California coastline, or rebuilding cars. He would have loved helping student who need a nudge to follow a dream.
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