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Veterans Writing Group Scholarship Fund

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Veterans' Writing Group of San Diego County
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    Armen Kurdian And Lindi Kurdian


    Jacob R. And Linda S. Morgan


    James McDonough




    Joseph R. Ashby


Our story

Since August 2021, Richard and Stephanie Younkins have been following through on their mission to support veterans by funding scholarships. As a 9-year veteran of the US Army and National Guard, Richard knows the struggles that veterans face and the opportunities they deserve. The Veterans’ Writing Group of San Diego was started more than ten years ago as a way for veterans of all ages and all sorts of military experience to test their memories and their writing skills in hopes of seeing the value of their works in print. Their mutual experiences as writers have led us to compile and publish four books loaded with stories and essays by veterans. The sale of these books and other generous donations allows them to provide the books free to veterans in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and to veteran groups e.g., the USO.

Our goal

Richard and Stephanie Younkins are on a mission to support military veteran students so they can afford the high costs of higher education.

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