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Valeria Scott Single Mother's Scholarship Fund

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Deawndra Taylor
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Our story

My aunt Val is my inspiration behind this foundation, before her passing, my aunt continued her education and it motivated me in ways you wouldn't understand. She was smart, funny and outgoing. She's my angel now as I say while attending school my educational angel. She keeps me going and I can hear her say don't you give up you got this you are my favorite niece (as she would tell us all). So, let's get back to school let's not stop for nothing. Good luck to you all!

Our goal

I went back to school at an older age in 2016 to get my high school diploma. I decided college would be my next step, so I began, I stopped so many times but now I have the strength to finish where I started. I see school can be depressing and hard and for some they can't afford it, so I started this scholarship fund to help single mothers pursue higher education.

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