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Utah First Generation Scholarship Fund

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Cohen Jones
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    Blackhams Blackham


    Brian & Alisha Jones


    Mark Robison


    Cohen Jones


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Our goal

I grew up in a household that values education and learning above most things. I had many familial resources to guide me though my education. My parents and grandparents have experience navigating higher education environments. I had the unique public education experience where I was in the first cohort of a dual immersion Spanish program where I learned Spanish alongside students who were new to this country and learning English. The experiences and relationships I developed during this time was invaluable. As I have grown older, I am to realize the privilege that came from my upbringings. I am passionate about giving back to those I learned with for so many years, so they can have some of the same resources and support I have been given by my family.
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Comments from contributors 5

Brian & Alisha Jones2 months ago

Great work organizing this opportunity Cohenn

Cohen Jones2 months ago

Thank you to the Lindorf Family for their generosity.

Anonymous2 months ago

Worthy cause - good job Cohen!

Irwin Jones2 months ago

So glad to help out. Appreciate you asking us.

Cohen Jones2 months ago

What a great way to give back!!

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