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Treye Knorr Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Knorr Family
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Our goal

In 2006, our son, Treye, was silently born into the world. That year, we planted an apple tree in his memory, envisioning the fruit it would bear, the shade and shelter it would offer, the nourishment it would provide. For the last eighteen years, we have quietly marked our love for him through small acts of giving. The year he would have turned five, we purchased and filled backpacks and donated them to the local elementary school. The year he would have turned sixteen, we donated to OnRamp, a wonderful organization working to gift reliable vehicles to hardworking people to help them toward self-sufficiency. This year, as our boy would have turned eighteen, we have decided to offer a university scholarship in his memory. We will never get to see Treye live out his dreams, pour into his community, make his beautiful mark on the world, but through this scholarship, perhaps we can help another young man on his way toward the kind of faithful, intentional, meaningful life we hope Treye would have lived. Our goal for this year and the years that follow is to offer one $500 scholarship to a young man of character with dreams and the perseverance necessary to realize them. This young man must be accepted and committed to a four-year university and must write an essay that outline his hopes and dreams and how he intends (to quote Mary Oliver) to use his "one wild and precious life." This single $500 scholarship is what we can manage to fund on our own. It would be a joy to have you partner with us and watch that goal expand beyond imagining.
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Comments from contributors 6

Anonymous3 months ago

We want to share the love of Jesus with the Knorr family and the scholarship recipient.

Kelli Campbell-Goodnow3 months ago

I have watched from afar as you have carried this burden of grief for 18 years with faith and hope. I praise our Father for the glory that Treye is experiencing and the taste of that glory we can have today in offering a blessing to others out of the blessings given to us. Rejoicing in hope -Romans 5. So much love to you.

Karen Cator3 months ago


Mike & Gabi Keenum3 months ago

We love you and love how this honors Treye.

Jonathan And Christie Purifoy4 months ago

With love and prayers (and because we wish Thad and Treye could have been friends)

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