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Trever David Clark Scholarship Memorial Fund

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The Dawson-Clark Family
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Our story

Trever was born and raised in Southern California. He was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin. He had loving relationships with his family members and his goal in life was to be the best version of himself and start a family of his own, Trever had a passion for baseball. Since he was able to walk he always had a baseball in his hand. He became a superb athlete, playing baseball from Little League to college. He was a team player, devoted friend, and always acted unselfishly making decisions for the good of others. Trever was sensitive in his nature. Due to his personal struggles with mental health he was very empathetic to others in need and had a desire to help those along their journey. He would often make lunches to bring to the homeless and was supportive to others struggling as he did. Even if he had nothing to give, he would offer a smile and kind words.

Our goal

We are creating this scholarship to honor the life and legacy of Trever, and to support those who have suffered directly or indirectly with mental health. This fund will help high school seniors, undergraduates, trade school students, and graduate students to continue their education and bring awareness to mental health. We want students to know they are deserving and can make a life for themselves at any age no matter what struggles they have been through.
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