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TJ Crowson Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
The Crowson Family
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Our story

TJ Crowson was an adored father, son, brother, partner, and friend who passed away due to his battle with renal cancer in late 2022. He was a respected attorney who spent his career working to enable higher education for those that needed it, and was known for his humor, honesty, genuine caring, ability to challenge any and every idea, and his drive to always do the right thing.

Our goal

TJ was afforded the opportunity of attending university through various scholarships, and so with this fund, The Crowson family would like to enable higher education opportunities for other students in similar situations with aspirations for studying and practicing law, but who may lack the resources to pursue that path. The money raised through this campaign will strictly go towards the funding of The TJ Crowson Memorial Scholarship, and remaining funds after each year will roll over into the next round of scholarships.
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