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Our story

Since he was a child, Tim always wanted to know ‘why’s’ to everything around him. His openness to life's wonders and mysteries coupled with his childlike perspective were compelling attributes of his independent character that still inspire me and many others today. Tim was a protective brother and a great listener. He was a talented sailor at a young age and became a sailing instructor on Long Island as a teenager. His favorite thing was being on the water in his free time, including racing in regattas in the Great South Bay with his friends on summer weekends. Tim was a deep thinker with a light and buoyant sense of humor. He had an ability to bring out the best in people around him. As a brother, he was playfully affectionate and wise. He adored cats and valued a peaceful and quiet home environment at home with them where he could read and study. He was a serious student and is missed dearly by his teachers, family, friends and neighbors for his unique views on life.

Our goal

This fund is in honor of my brother Timothy James Phipps. I would like to keep his memory alive by encouraging his affinity for the humanities to equally passionate and serious students who want to see a brighter and more thoughtful world. A good candidate will value and participate in community service, volunteering, or other activities that make the world a better place.
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