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Young Women in STEM Scholarship Fund

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Stephanie Hagopian
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    Greg Richardson


    Melissa Melius Lynch


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    Stephanie Hagopian


    Anna Witler


Our story

Stephanie Hagopian has been supporting women interested in STEM since October 2021 and has already provided funding for multiple students. Due to the high costs of college and the underrepresentation of women in STEM, Stephanie understands the importance of encouraging women and providing financial assistance so they can complete their degrees.

Our goal

This fund supports young women from disadvantageous financial situations who are pursuing S.T.E.M. undergraduate or graduate degrees and have a strong academic track record and a clear ambition and drive to pursue a career in Technology or Engineering. This fundraiser will increase the total scholarship amount and quantity of recipients eligible for a pre-existing Young Women in STEM scholarship.
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Comments from contributors 6

Greg Richardson6 months ago

As and IT professional and youth advocate I believe this is a great cause. It's my pleasure to make a contribution.

Melissa Melius Lynch7 months ago

This work is so important! I've worked in Technology since I entered the workforce over 20 years ago and there are never enough women in the room. Go get em girls!

Anna Witler7 months ago

In support of Stephanie Hagopian and young women in STEM.

Matt And Danielle Pavliv7 months ago

Fantastic cause!!! Danielle and I are huge believers that everyone wins when you give under-represented people an opportunity to succeed. Looks like a couple of badass women from 2023. keep those rock stars coming in 2024.

Nicole Rose7 months ago

I truly believe in giving women in STEM an opportunity to excel. I especially support assisting those who may not have the means to get a seat at the table. This is a beautiful cause and one I support fully.

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