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Our story

Sean “Flynny” Flynn was known by his loved ones for his sense of humor and his knowledge of sports. Unfortunately, Sean suffered from multiple traumatic brain injuries from sports-related concussions and passed away too soon due to suicide at the age of eighteen. Even though Sean lost his own battle with mental health, he brought light and laughter into the lives of those who knew him.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will go towards the Sean Flynn Memorial Scholarship, which aims to continue Sean Flynn’s legacy of love and laughter by supporting high school students who are preparing for higher education.
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Lou Ann Danner1 month ago

Souderton High School dress down week

Erika King2 months ago


Karen Planinshek2 months ago

SAEA Contribution

Andy McClintock2 months ago

Souderton Area Education Association sponsored charity

Melissa Davis2 months ago

On behalf of my beloved brother Rodd White. Also a victim of suicide. End the stigma.

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