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RJ Mitte Breaking Barriers Scholarship Fund

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Our story

“I've learned that no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. It's important to focus on your goal and to move forward and be the person you're meant to be." - RJ Mitte. Growing up with a disability can add unique challenges to life, but with an indomitable spirit and a strong support system, there's nothing you can't overcome. As an actor and disability advocate with cerebral palsy, RJ Mitte, star of hit shows like Breaking Bad and Switched at Birth, knows this first hand. Today he works to lift up those around him and to ensure that those facing challenges related to a mental or physical disability have the help they need to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will go towards The RJ Mitte Breaking Barriers Scholarship, which will be awarded to a student with a mental or physical disability in need of support financing their education.

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