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Our story

Joe Calderon was a freshman in college when his mother, Becky, was sentenced to three years in prison. His communication and support system were severed. He completed daunting, emotional tasks while grieving his mother’s support and absence in his life, juggling a loaded schedule of classes and a full-time job. Having a parent or guardian incarcerated is one of the hardest scenarios for a child. Joe’s ability to overcome the obstacles of having an incarcerated parent was largely due to his persistence in getting a college education. Because of his grit and endurance to overcome adversity, he was able to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Business and began serving families who are fighting the same battle. Joe created Pelipost for uploading and delivering photos directly to incarcerated loved ones with ease. Now, with his mother running the business by his side, they are able to connect millions of incarcerated loved ones with their families through seamless photo delivery. Pelipost has been fighting student debt since May 2021, giving opportunities to several students who are overcoming the adversity of having an incarcerated parent/guardian.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will empower and reward high school and undergraduate students seeking a college education while overcoming the challenges of having an incarcerated parent/guardian.
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