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Ojeda Multi-County Youth Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Geanette Rodriguez-Ojeda
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Raised of $5,000 goal
1 scholarship funded
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    Marian Rhodes


    Jill Trudeau


    Carmen Bracho


    Maria Rivera




Our story

Geanette Rodriguez-Ojeda has been fighting student debt since March 2022 as a way of giving deserving inner-city high school students opportunities to pursue their passions. Inner-city youth are often placed at a disadvantage when it comes to pursuing higher education. From underfunded schools to a lack of familial resources, inner-city students are often at a higher risk of dropping out of school. Geanette hopes this scholarship fund can assist BIPOC inner-city students who are determined to overcome these challenges.

Our goal

The mission of this scholarship fund is to help youth rise above and overcome the obstacles they face growing up in environments that tend to challenge their hopes for a bright future.
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Comments from contributors 2

Marian Rhodes10 months ago

This is contribution toward our future. This will invest in those that are coming behind us.

Carmen Bracho10 months ago

Reach for your dreams, you can achieve anything you want!

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