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Michael Valdivia Scholarship Fund

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Tania Johmann
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Our story

Tania Johmann has been fighting student debt since March 2022 as a way of advocating for men's mental health as well as honor the memory of Michael Valdivia. Michael was a loving son, brother, grandson, friend and uncle with an infectious laugh and a generous heart. He was a beacon of love and support to everyone who met him. It was a love that you could feel to your core. Mental health is not something male students should ever feel shameful about, and no one should have to suffer in silence. Help shine a light on this issue by helping young men climb their mountains, just as Michael did. He was someone who always gave back when he could, and this scholarship fund will continue his legacy by helping others.

Our goal

The mission of this scholarship fund is to change the stigma attached to depression in males.
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Fran And Danny Sanchez Sanchez6 months ago

May this scholarship aid in fulfilling your dream and simultaneously fulfill Michael’s legacy of helping others!

Maria V. Serrato7 months ago


Anonymous7 months ago

In honor of Michael

Sandra Turner7 months ago

Much love and light to all of you 💙🤍

Jen, Tom, Ava, Dylan Acconzo7 months ago

We loved our cousin Michael so much and want to help others in his honor.

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