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Lisa and Josh World Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Hello Lisa and Josh community! This is the fund for the Lisa and Josh World Scholarship. Neither of us could afford to study abroad in college, and going on our first real trips abroad changed EVERYTHING for us, in such an all-encompassing and beautiful way. It opened us up to the world, gave us the chance to explore new places, cultures, ways of thinking, and we learned so much… we could go on and on, but to cut right to it, we have the incredible good fortune to be able to travel full time now, and we just want to pass that good fortune on to as many people as we possibly can.

Our goal

We, along with our YouTube community (channel name: Lisa and Josh) directly contribute to this fund so that we can give as many $5,000 scholarships as possible to students with modest financial backgrounds to help them study abroad.

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Lisa And Josh, LLC2 months ago

Monthly patreon + match

Ben Miles3 months ago

I think this is an awesome idea! Sometimes we forget that travel can be a luxury item. I think it is great to help people be able to experience it.

Nomading Nerds3 months ago

We love you guys and this idea! Good luck!!!! Display Geek Nomading Nerds

Yang Yang3 months ago

As someone who travelled outside her home country for the first time at the age of 21 and learned A LOT from the experience...I hope to contribute a little to make someone else does the same earlier : )

Lila And Melis ‘Ohana3 months ago

Thank you for creating this scholarship to help make it possible for more students to experience the world. The students will gain tremendously from this transformative experience and so will we as a global society striving to bridge differences and build mutual understanding.

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