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Breanden Beneschott
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Our story

Breanden Beneschott's life changed dramatically when he was given the opportunity to attend private school for seventh grade on a full scholarship. Breanden went on to receive a degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, where he financed his education through a combination of scholarships, financial aid, and working as a freelance software engineer. Breanden is now Chairman of The Bold Foundation with the mission of eliminating student debt. He is also the cofounder and CEO of Mechanism Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture firm. Since beginning his fight against student debt, he has created over a half dozen scholarships, awarding thousands of dollars to students. His mother, Kim Beneschott, is an amazing watercolor artist. She has faced many hardships throughout her life, but instead of letting anything drag her down, she has always channeled her energy into creative pursuits and a powerful career as a school psychologist and educator. She never hesitates to give her time and support to anyone who needs it and this spirit has impacted many. She recently returned to her passion for art. Her kindness, generosity, and creative spirit is the inspiration for this scholarship fund.

Our goal

This scholarship fund will support students who would like to leverage their unique talents as a way to prepare for bold and ambitious things in life.
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