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Jerry Garrett and Starlinne Sullivan Memorial EMS Scholarship Fund

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Lillian Lee
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    Lillian Lee


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Our story

Lillian Lee has been fighting student debt since March 2022, honoring Starlinne Sullivan and Jerry Garrett. Growing up in rural Alabama, Lillian's family struggled for money when she was younger. And yet despite financial difficulties, they were always taught that giving or sharing to help worthy causes, neighbors, and strangers was what they were put on Earth for. EMS workers and many people in the healthcare field answer a calling to help others. Starlinne worked as a nurse for thirty years, impacting the lives of the countless people she served, and Jerry was also motivated and with persistence, was able to achieve his goal of obtaining his GED later in life. This fund honors their memories and giving spirits.

Our goal

This scholarship fund aims to support students in Alabama who are pursuing careers as first responders or nurses.

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