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Jared Ethan Trueba Memorial Scholarship Fund

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The Trueba Family
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    Cynthia Trueba




Our story

The Trueba Family has been fighting student debt with since March 2022 as a way of memorializing Jared Ethan Trueba. His friends and family described him as a smart, funny, bright, and kind young man. His involvement in various activities and commitment to excellence set him apart as a strong leader, an enthusiastic participant, and a caring friend. On top of his many extracurricular activities, he was an active member of the community. As a 4.0-GPA-student, talented musician, star athlete, leader in the JROTC, and member of his church, Jared always went above and beyond to touch the lives of those around him. As a way to honor his memory, this fund will help support students from Cibola High School in New Mexico.

Our goal

The mission of this fund is to honor Jared Ethan Trueba by supporting those who are both continuing on to higher education and embodying his passion for life.
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Diana Shea10 months ago

Jared will always be a second grader in my heart.

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