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Jack “Fluxare” Hytner Memorial Scholarship Fund

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    Chris Smith


Our story

Steven Hullander has been fighting student debt with since September 2021 and has been supporting computer science students in honor of Jack "Fluxare" Hytner. Sadly, the world lost 16-year-old Jack to a multi-year battle with osteosarcoma. From a young age, Jack was an old soul, preferring to sit and pontificate rather than play with toys. In his adolescent years, Jack spent his free time as an avid online gamer with a deep passion for eSports. To those who knew him, Jack was a great friend who demonstrated immense kindness and humor. Jack faced many struggles during the last three years of his life, and yet he showed those that loved him what a true hero he was. His life, while short, was not in vain. He made a difference and inspired many to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Our goal

The mission of this scholarship fund is to carry on the legacy of Jack “Fluxare” Hytner by inspiring others to live lives of positivity, impact, and influence.
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